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It is twenty years since the untimely passing of Dexter Ricaldo Mussington, a young and upcoming “Musical Genius Extraordinaire”. But such was his contribution to religious and secular music in church, school, and community, that a mass-attended memorial service was held for him on Sunday, October 9, at the Church of God of Prophecy at West End.
Dexter, born by caesarian section on January 10, 1974, died in October 1996. Such was his popularity that his funeral was held at the James Ronald Webster Park. He was the last of nine children of Mrs. Ilene Mussington and the late Mr. Alpheus of Blowing Point – and one of the highly-respected Mussington Brothers whose music has been an overwhelming contribution and significance to local and regional entertainment over the years.

A biography, delivered at the church by Ms. Lisa Rey of Radio Anguilla, stated in part: “When the brothers expanded from the church worship into the secular area, becoming one of Anguilla’s number one bands, ‘The Mussington Brothers’, Dexter was the keyboardist & rhythm programmer. The band received regional and national acclaim, travelling all over the Caribbean and the US to perform. They performed with the region’s biggest artistes and Dexter often blew the other bands’ minds by rearranging their music and elevating it to a new level right before their eyes.”

She continued: “Humble, though talented, he never liked the limelight. He would have to be coaxed out of the background. If someone was in the crowd watching on, he or she would be amazed at the quickness of his hands working the rhythm machines as well as his three-tier keyboard stand with a fourth keyboard on the side. Intent upon perfection, he focused all of his attention on his music – every now and then flashing onlookers his welcoming smile. No song was too difficult for Dexter to play. He soon discovered that not only could he play and arrange music, but he could also write songs and sing. Just like there was magic in his fingers, he soon demonstrated that his voice was just as captivating. The multi-talented Dexter came out with his own song and accompanied Darwin (his brother and lead singer) in another song.

“In November 1988, just one day before a Royal School of Music Theory Exam, his Music Teacher, Daphne Jacobs-Richardson, worked with Dexter, teaching him 75% new data for this external exam. The results of the exam proved what his Music Teacher often said: ‘Dexter was a gifted musician, and every effort should be made to develop and enhance his abilities.’ Dexter passed the music exam with credit. He volunteered five years, of his secondary school life, to assist his peers in their preparations for the Annual Speech Night during and after school hours. Dexter also re-arranged and put music to the school song during his time.”

During the memorial service, Ms. Rey also read a glowing tribute to Dexter by his passionate Music Teacher, Mrs. Jacobs-Richardson. As a further tribute to him, the teacher organised for some presentations of his music in the classrooms at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School during this week, and for a photograph of him to be placed at both campuses.

The sermon was preached by Bishop Evan Brooks who spoke on the parable of the five talents. He prefaced his sermon by reflecting on the musical performances of the Mussington Brothers particularly at the Church of God of Prophecy at South Hill. “I want to thank them very much for the contribution they have made and are still making to the Church of God of Prophecy,” he added.

He was followed by Bishop Dr. Samuel Daniel, the Regional District Overseer, who gave the closing remarks and extended condolences and best wishes to the Mussington family.

There will be a concert in Dexter’s memory at the Caribbean Commercial Complex this Saturday, October 15. The proceeds will be contributed to the Music Department of the Comprehensive School.

By anguillian October 17, 2016 10:42


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