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Officials of Health Authority, MDabroad Networks and Soteria Medical Systems

Clinical and administrative personnel at a National Medical Symposium have been told that the Anguilla-Panama Critical Care Connection – an arrangement for treatment of seriously injured or otherwise sick and traumatised Anguillian patients – has so far been a lifesaver for a number of persons.

The healthcare service in Panama for Anguillians, is provided through a partnership involving the Government of Anguilla, MDabroad Networks and Medical Management, USA; Helidosa Air-Ambulance in the Dominican Republic; and Neuro & Critical Care Group in Panama. Those organisations, as well as the Health Authority of Anguilla, the Director of Medical Services at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Soteria Medical Systems, LLC, USA, were all also involved in the sponsorship of the Symposium.


Pastor Philip Gumbs, Minister Evans McNiel Rogers, PS Health Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake and Dr. Emmanuel Ogunde

MDabroad’s representative, Mr. Shai Gold, moderated the March 11 Symposium, at La Vue Conference Centre, which commenced with an intercession by Pastor Philip Gumbs of the Church of God (Holiness).

Anguilla’s Minister of Health, Mr. Evans McNiel Rogers, commended Mr. Gold for his work not only in Anguilla but other Caribbean islands as well. “We in Anguilla have had great success in working with the medical team in Panama,” he acknowledged. “I must personally thank Shai on behalf of the Health Authority, the Ministry of Health and the people of Anguilla, for the work he has assisted us with. The Panama Medical Initiative has saved a lot of lives in Anguilla. I have before me a list of 14 patients who were transferred to Panama since [the arrangement] started. The relatively low cost of acute care in Panama, as compared with that in the United States, makes Panama a much-more desirable choice. I must take this opportunity to thank MDabroad for being so patient with us. We owe MDabroad hundreds of thousands of US dollars and counting. As I said, they were very patient with us. There is no secret that the budget has not been assented to as yet. We are hoping that this would be done at the end of the month and that we will be able to provide another payment [to MDabroad].”

Mr. Rogers continued: “MDabroad has handled some very challenging cases on behalf of Anguilla. Not only do they provide the critical medical care, but they also provide the support services which are so important when a patient is away from home. This includes the ground transport, hotel accommodation for the family, the flight arrangements [by Helidosa Air-Ambulance] and all the other logistics for our loved ones critically injured or sick. Very importantly, our colleagues in Panama ensure that our physicians, social workers and ministry officials are kept abreast of the progress of the patients.

“Our relationship with the folks in Panama and MDabroad has been an extremely positive one from the Ministry’s perspective as well as that of the patients and their famih4lies.”

Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development and Health, said that given certain limitations in Anguilla “it is good for us to have this kind of relationship with Panama to send critically-ill patients there”. She stressed that “we have had some very difficult cases in recent years which Panama has managed really well. I think they [the physicians] have been able to do that because of the medical team in Anguilla. I know that Dr. Vonetta George [the General Surgeon in Anguilla] has stabilised many patients who have gone abroad and we thank her for that.” The Permanent Secretary was grateful to MDabroad for previously recommending Triage International now Panama to provide the critical healthcare.

Dr. George spoke about two particular critical patients in Anguilla who were recently stabilised by her and who were now recovering well in Panama, one of whom had reached the recovery stage for release. Dr. Manuel Padilla, Medical Director of Helidosa Air Ambulance Company explained the transport services and other arrangements provided for patients and their families travelling to Panama. There were a number of other case presentations. The presenters for Anguilla were Ms. Viola Richardson, RN, Medical Evacuation Coordinator at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and Mrs. Keisha Gumbs-Bibi, Social Development Planner. Dr. Emmanuel Ogunde, Director of Medical Services in Anguilla, expressed thanks and aph3preciation for the Anguilla-Panama Critical Care Connection.

There were two panel discussions during the Symposium. The first, on the Anguilla-Panama Critical Connection, involved Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake, Dr. Ogunde and Mr. Shai Gold. They were also members of the second panel on Improving Quality & Reducing Cost of Public Health with Low-Cost Primary Care Diagnostic Technology. The other member of the panel was Mr. Evans Rogers, Minister of Social Development and Health.

By anguillian March 21, 2016 09:58


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