The Anguillian

Newspaper 3

Weekly Independent Newspaper of Anguilla
Address: PO Box 98
The Valley
Tel: 264 497 3823
Fax: 264 497 8706



The Anguillian reserves the right to edit, shorten or otherwise re-write any material submitted for publication. The views expressed in any article or letter are not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher of The Anguillian .


The Anguillian is registered at The Court House, The Valley, Anguilla. It is printed by The Herald Newspaper, Saint Maarten which has no responsibility for its contents.

Editor: A. Nat Hodge, MBE
Consulting Writer: Colville L. Petty, OBE
Contributing Journalist : Brenda Carty, MBE
Senior Layout & Design Officer :
 Esther Ward

Receptionist/Office Assistant : Monique Webster

Webmaster : Oleary Richardson of SoCreative Designs

Publisher: Nat Hodge’s Public Relations, Information and Consultancy Services Limited, P O Box 98, Stoney Ground, Anguilla. Registered at Benjamine Company Services Limited Hannah – Waver Hose, the Valley, Anguilla.

Solicitors: John Benjamin
Caribbean Juris Chambers