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Mrs. Marilyn Hodge

Mrs. Marilyn Hodge

Have you ever made a careful study of the ants? Well, we usually view them as disgusting and insignificant creatures that we need to get rid of. However, the life of the ants has much to teach us.

Though little in nature, ants are an amazing set of creatures. They are incredibly social animals, with very clearly defined job roles. They are brilliant builders, and are excellent at solving problems. It has often been said that a single ant is fairly useless, and will die very quickly but, together, a whole colony acts like a single creature, with remarkable intelligence and understanding.
The Bible teaches many lessons from nature and God’s creation that we need to make use of and the ants are one of those creatures. Proverbs Chapter 6 verse 6 is quite poignant. It states: “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise.” It instructs us to seek the wisdom that can be derived from them. So they are not insignificant creatures after all. There is much for us to glean from their lifestyle. The ants give us some simple principles that we can learn from. Here are a few of them:

Ants do not complain: They act with diligence and cooperation. They do not stand and look at each other, or blame each other, when things are going wrong or things need to be done. Whenever there is work to be done, they act with diligence and cooperation and get the job done.

Ants are futuristic: They always make preparations for the future. They think winter all summer. In life there are going to be good times when things seem easier, goals are being achieved and the sun always seems to be shining. These times don’t last, and ants instinctively understand this, gathering and storing food for the times when winter comes and food is scarce and important.

They also think summer all winter. When winter descends on a colony of ants they go underground waiting eagerly for the sun to shine and, when it does, they are immediately back out and about. They seem to have an inbuilt optimism and know that the lean times won’t last forever.

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong and not according to plan. There will be disappointments and let-downs, making certain periods of our lives seem like winter. In those times we have the tendency to become pessimistic and sometimes attach permanence to those times. However, what we need to understand is everything is temporary. Good and bad times don’t last forever. They always come to an end. Things constantly change. That’s the nature of the seasons! A lesson we could do well to learn.

Ants teach performance: To perform with efficiency there must be a plan. Watching at first glance, an anthill may appear as if you are just seeing a lot of activity – ants running around everywhere. But that is not so. They have a plan. They are working. We too need to have a clear vision and a plan if we are to accomplish anything.
Ants are always busy, never lazy, and they never have to make excuses. On the other hand, many of us are active, but we have no plan. We have no vision for the future. We have little if any idea as to what our function is, and which way we are going. As a people, we must have a vision and a plan. We must be as wise as the ants if things are to work.

Ants are great communicators: They communicate constantly. This constant communication facilitates the colony’s workflow. We need to develop great communication and listening skills as well. What we learn from the way ants communicate is definitely applicable to how we work.
The Ants Work Is A Partnership: Ants know and understand the value of teamwork. They work as a team. They know the power in unity. They work in love and operate in harmony. To perform with efficiency there must be peace.

One of the reasons that ants can get so much accomplished, despite their size and in such a small amount of time, is because of harmony. This is a lesson we need to learn. Psalms 133 verse 1 states, “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.
Ants instinctively know to pull together as a team. They don’t allow egos to get in their way. The ants work is productive. They work toward a common goal. They have an all-volunteer service attitude. No guide, yet each ant works. Every ant has a specific task to perform, yet all work jointly to ensure the colony’s welfare. They labour according to their own ability. Thousands of ants may dwell in one ant colony, but every one of them pulls his own weight!

Every ant knows what to do, and does it without being told. Do you know how they are able to do this? Each one is responsible! And they are so busy doing what they are supposed to do that they don’t have time to fight among themselves! What about us? Are we prepared to work hard and smart, communicate constantly, and collaborate with each other for the common good of the country? Let us study the ants closely. Let us learn their secrets and be wise.
Ants never say “can’t”: They never adopt a “We can’t” attitude. That attitude cost Israel – 40 years in the wilderness. Do we want to wait another 40 years? What could it cost us? We must move from “We can’t” to “We can” because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Ants never quit: Quitting is not an option! They never say fail and they never give up! When they are on a mission, they don’t let any obstacle stand in their way. They don’t shrug their shoulders and give up on their goal.

Ants teach us perseverance. They have an amazing ability to survive all kinds of weather. They adapt well no matter the circumstances, and are very resilient. Have you ever noticed how quickly they recover when you destroy one of their colonies? They immediately start to repair the damage done.
Giving up is never an answer for them. That is a lesson for us as well. There is much work to be done in our homes, our schools, our churches, our communities and in our Nation at large! They are in need of repair. Are we ready and willing to join forces? We have to work together, and pull together or we will pull apart!

It therefore behooves us to adopt life’s lessons from the ants. It is incumbent upon us to do all that lies in our power to reconcile and rebuild our lovely and remarkable homes, as well as our nation. Therefore we need to do all we can! If we want Anguilla to flourish! Life rewards action, so let us think like an ant and go forward! We can get the job done!

Remember: Ants are not only efficient. They are hard-working and thrifty, qualities which have always seemed like good reasons for seeing them as virtuous role models.

About the Author: Mrs. Marilyn Hodge owns and operates the Wellness Centre in the Farrington, Anguilla. The Centre offers Counselling Services by Appointment Only and has now published Positive Living Volume 2. Contact information: 476-3517 or email: marilynb@anguillanet.com. www.facebook.com/axawellnesscentre

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