Letter to The Editor

By anguillian February 5, 2018 12:29




Dear Editor:

We just read the insightful Letter to the Editor – “Tranquility Wrapped in Blue” – in The Anguillian newspaper of 25th January.

In the midst of an amazing recovery from Irma, we are hoping the caring people of Anguilla will take note of this and apply pressure on the offenders to combat the noise pollution and garbage on the roads on this beautiful island. Of particular to us in past few years has been the rubbish carelessly thrown overboard by the passengers on the “party boats”, from St Maarten, that anchor close to the beaches for a few hours each day. We have expressed our concern in the past about the empty beer/soda cans, and broken bottles that remain under the beautiful clear blue waters close to shore.

As avid snorkelers, we have seen and collected a startling amount of this type of trash along the shallow beaches of Maunday’s Bay and Rendezvous Bay in particular. This is both a threat to the health of the marine environment, and a danger to swimmers and waders along the beaches.

We trust something will be done to ensure the beauty and safety of Anguilla for the sake of both your citizens and those of us who love your island so very much.

Signed: Upset, long-term return visitors
Yvonne and Laurie Rafuse,
Nova Scotia Canada.

By anguillian February 5, 2018 12:29


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