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The 2018 Cycling Season got off to a good start on Sunday, January 28. The first race was held on the Queen Elizabeth Avenue. The cyclists took the start line in overcast conditions, then pedalled their way around the hospital block to complete the set laps for their category.

With the Stingers Cycling Club back on the scene, the 2018 cycling season is said to be an interesting and very competitive one, and competition was quite obvious at the opening race.

The laps for each category and the positions at the end of the day were:
Elite – 10 laps
1st Place – Danny Laud – Stingers Cycling Club
2nd Place – Xavi Brookes – Double Trouble Cycling Cub
3rd Place – Zambezi Richardson – Stingers Cycling Club
4th Place – Huekeemi Hughes – Stingers Cycling Club
5th Place – Vinesh Narine –Double Trouble Cycling Club
6th Place – Cailan Fleming – Double Trouble Cycling Club
7th Place – Deanthony Niles – Double Trouble Cycling Club
8th Place – Daron Carty – Double Trouble Cycling Club

Novice – 3 laps
1st Place – Calvert Junie Fleming
2nd Place- Kurtz Lloyd
3rd Place – Serge Stevens
4th Place – Fabrice Stevens

Masters – 6 laps
1st Place – Patrick Niles
2nd Place – Emmanuel Mano Laud

Cadet – 5 laps
1st Place – Caedon Fleming

Benjamine – 3 laps
1st Place – D’Mitri Niles
2nd Place – Carden Fleming

The Anguilla Cycling Association would like to express gratitude to the Royal Anguilla Police Service for their continued support and to those who came out supported the various cyclists. The Association also congratulates all cyclists who participated, especially the winners.

We encourage the general public to come out and support the sport. Our next race will be on February 11. Stay tuned for more details.
– Press Release

By anguillian February 5, 2018 10:05


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