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As reported earlier, it was disclosed by the Comptroller of Customs in Anguilla, Mr. Travis Carty, that despite 2017 being a difficult year, particularly in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, his department, the Government’s biggest revenue collecting agency, had raised some 76 million dollars. This was 6 million dollars in excess of the projected 70 million.
That feat was accomplished in the way the Customs Department expedited the clearance of imported goods into the island, thus requiring importers to pay their dues just as quickly as the handling process was done by the Customs Officers.
The Customs Department is in the meantime following an in-house strategic plan which guides its operations. The plan was read by Mrs. Carolyn Richardson-Hodge, Internal Auditor/Compliance Manager, during the observance of World Customs Day on January 26.
An extract of that plan reads as follows:
“4.1 Government Priorities – Customs Department Outcomes KPIT (Key Performance Indicators/Targets).
“The Government goals for economic growth and development hope to achieve economic growth of 5-8% annually with a strategy to strengthen the capacity of the Public Service.
“Customs outcomes and strategy priorities are to exceed the Government of Anguilla’s annual revenue targets for the Customs Department by aiming to maximise revenue collections, KPIs, setting targets and constantly monitoring to achieve them, whereby supporting the Government’s plan for economic growth. We will prioritise the following Strategic Objectives:
• Strengthen revenue collection processes and accounting
• Improve our revenue compliance (implementing a trusted trader programme) by strengthening the capacity of our PCA controls
• Use intelligence to target high risk traders and trader activity
• Improve communication with the Chamber of Commerce, Anguilla Tourist Board, Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, Traders/ Importers, Customs Brokers and Shippers etc. to develop compliance.
“Additional revenue measures will be [developed] to agitate and influence a review of the Integrated Customs Tariff (ICT) rates to bring them more in line with the customs duties and procedures in the OECS. Also, a review of the Cruising Permit fees structure is needed so that we remain competitive with our regional counterparts and sell Anguilla as a cruising destination. Once the reviews are completed, proposals will be submitted to Government with recommendations for a fee or rate structure that is most effective and delivers a higher yield of revenue.”

By anguillian February 13, 2018 09:31


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