Letters to The Editor: ‘Tranquility Wrapped In Blue’ ???

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‘Tranquility Wrapped In Blue’ ???

Not only as someone who had been working in the tourism industry, but also as a very disillusioned citizen, I was gratified to read and applaud enthusiastically Ms. Lear Gumbs-Amette’s letter in last week’s ‘Anguillian’. At last the disturbing facts have been committed to writing.

Regarding prostitution in Anguilla, I admit not to have been truly aware of the situation. If it is indeed as described in Mr. Mitchell’s letter of the previous week, as I am advised is indeed the case, then I am appalled.

However, more glaringly conspicuous is the ubiquitous, all pervasive noise pollution affecting our tourists and belongers. Shortly after Hurricane Irma, we were fortunate (or so we thought) to be able to locate to an abode – with electricity – at the other end of the island. It was near the main road. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Every third or fourth vehicle passing blasted our eardrums out with unacceptable crass music. This could also be heard coming from private houses. A resident told me that she, seeking a day of rest and complete with beach chair, settled down in previously serene Shoal Bay East.

BOOM BOOM BOOM. She was forced to leave immediately, the level of noise precluding any relaxation. I was in the dentist’s chair when the traffic lights in The Valley were at red. BOOM BOOM BOOM. The building vibrated as did the chair from a car stopped outside. Nowhere can you escape it. This loud noise is extremely downmarket and a health hazard. It is pure and simple selfish, intrusive, unbridled vulgarity.

Regarding garbage thrown from vehicles, my husband and I perform a ‘clean up’ ever so often in our neighbourhood, collecting bottles, food containers and much more in plastic bags. So many do we often accumulate that we have to take the pick-up to transport them to the garbage bins. To my acute embarrassment, I have been asked by tourists on occasion to provide them with plastic bags. Distressed at what they see, they spend some of their holiday cleaning up. What a reflection on Anguilla!

To complete my tirade, I add the problem of dogs – no doubt tied – yak, yak, yak, yaking for hours on end disturbing any tranquility and preventing sleep. Compulsive barking is a real problem which can be prevented.

Ms. Gumbs-Amette is correct. Why should she or anyone else have to put up with all of the above which is neither heard nor seen in civilized countries? For forty years I have loved this island which has made a remarkable recovery. How long do we all stand by and watch something really beautiful, and unique, be spoiled by irresponsibility and lack of consideration?

This is Anguilla, purporting to be an upmarket tourist destination. Citizens are complaining. Do the tourists complain? You want to hear them! What can I tell them, that this is ‘Tranquility Wrapped in Blue’? Laws are in place. Are they being implemented? You Must Be Joking!

Aileen I. M. Smith

By anguillian January 29, 2018 10:07 Updated


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