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25 December 2017

Dear Editor of The Anguillian newspaper:

Clearly, the resilience of the Anguillian people at home, and abroad, is supported by many friends of Anguilla and generous benefactors (that include Anguillians within the Diaspora living abroad and the Anguilla Progressive Association of New York, Inc. (APANY)) who answered the call to provide assistance to the island nation of Anguilla after September 6. It is a testament to the kind of support and an outpouring of goodwill, to provide assistance and support for the island nation of Anguilla’s recovery. Seams of gratitude are being extended to those generous souls who answered the call to provide hurricane relief in a multitude of ways for the island nation of Anguilla’s recovery.

On a more personal note, I wish to highlight “Operation Enzo” that recently delivered water filters to the schools on Anguilla. It especially warmed my heart. Just as a point of information, some years ago, the decision to provide clean fresh water to Anguilla’s schools was a seed that was sown by yours truly. To be more specific, during a time of crisis on the campus of the ALHCHS, as a former educator (secondary and higher education within two of the largest public schools systems and universities in the world), I voluntarily began to network and provide support to the former principal of the ALHCHS. For instance, I suggested that students should be provided with fresh drinking water during the day to prevent dehydration, and curb increased tension that can lead to students acting out among their peers.

The Lord knows not only was my suggestion implemented, but, subsequently, according to reports in your publication, it immediately improved student’s positive interaction. At a later date, I also recall reading in your publication that the seed that was sown by yours truly was planted among other schools across Anguilla. As an illustration of my point, before the events of September 6 another donor had also given water filters to schools across Anguilla…..joy cometh in the morning. God bless the cheerful givers of water filters for Anguilla’s schools.

May peace and God’s richest blessings abound throughout the blessed Christmas Season and the coming year…..May the Creator and the ancestors continue to find you in their favor.

Yours sincerely

By anguillian January 8, 2018 11:38 Updated


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