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Former Elected Representative for Island Harbour, Mr. Kenneth Harrigan, who served as Minister of Infrastructure in a previous Anguilla Government, has questioned what is in the offing for the Vivien Vanterpool Primary School at Island Harbour.
“I listened to the talk about a new school for District 1,” he said at the Government’s town hall meeting at East End. “Minister of Social Services, Hospital and different things, Niel Rogers, don’t forget me and you went to Nevis to look at a Chinese school for Island Harbour. Mr. Fleming [former Chief Minister] said we should break ground for the school but there was no money at the time.”

Mr. Harrigan continued: “Island Harbour School is in a bad area because the sea comes right over it. We bought land west of there. The plans are done and I have waited for years and years to see a new school built for district 1. While you are thinking – and you have on your cap this evening – think about building a new school at Island Harbour. We need a new school in Island Harbour.”
Mr. Harrigan also addressed the Chief Minister: “Mr. Banks, you are the Minister of Finance. You know that we talked about this school. Please do something for us,” he said.

The former Government Minister went on: “We also see the need for a proper toilet facility at Island Harbour beach. Today it is closed. There is no water there and we have so many tourists who visit the beach. We need the building fixed like tomorrow.
“Another matter is that I will be meeting with the Ministers shortly to talk about the old buildings which should be knocked down in Island Harbour so that I can continue to work on the waterfront. I want to put Island Harbour in prospective. I will spend the money as I did before. If not, I am coming back [to Government for the funds].”
Mr. Harrigan also spoke to his successor, Mr. Curtis Richardson, Minister of Infrastructure and Communications. “Curtis, the Minister of Works, I heard you talk about two roads at West End and Blowing Point,” he stated. ”Don’t forget I was the number one person to build the Jerry Gumbs Highway in your district, eh? Since you became the new Minister, you need to come to Island Harbour and see what you can do there. I built every road, with Government funds, and I am living on dirt on the sea rocks. I need your help.”
Mr. Harrigan’s concerns and suggestions were noted by the Ministers of Government.

By anguillian January 29, 2018 09:44 Updated


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