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On Thursday, December 27, Frangipani chartered a boat to take their (first after Hurricane Irma) hotel guests from Anguilla to the free Jimmy Buffett concert in Gustavia, St. Barths. For Frangipani it was all about creating special experiences and memories for their guests during the festive season. This was a way for the Frangipani team to say thank you to their guests for supporting them through the post-Irma recovery. The resort not only supported their fellow islanders in St. Barths for the day but shared a special event with people who’ve supported them during the post-Irma process. Great perks for being loyal guests and supporting the island of Anguilla!

Quotes by guests and Frangipani personnel:

‘This is what the Frangipani experience is all about for us – our focus is on creating unique memories and incredible experiences for our guests. We were excited to be one of the first properties open after Hurricane Irma and are so grateful for our exceptional guests who have really become more like family. Everyone wanted to be a part of the resort and island’s rebirth and they’ve been wonderful about supporting us every step of the way! We thought this would be a really memorable way to kick off the season and say thank you to all of our guests.’

– Shannon Kircher, Marketing Manager at Frangipani Beach Resort
Scott Kircher, General Manager adds:
“Our guests’ support has meant the world to us, and we know how powerful tourism is to helping local economies recover. We wanted to share some of that love and support with our neighbors in St. Barths and when we heard Jimmy Buffett was playing a concert in Gustavia, we knew we had to make it happen!”

Gregg and Michelle Schwartz, Frangipani guests:

“Seeing Jimmy Buffett in St. Barths was an awesome and unexpected surprise this year! There was no way we were going to skip supporting Anguilla after the hurricane, and we’re so glad to be a part of this special community. This is what the Frangipani experience is about for us and what keeps us coming back year after year.”

– Press Release

By anguillian January 8, 2018 11:32 Updated


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