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On 27th, 28th and 30th November, hundreds of young men in Grades 4 – 6 throughout all of Anguilla’s primary schools, Forms 1 – 6 at the ALHCS and at the Zenaida Haven juvenile rehabilitation centre, actively engaged in the “There’s Value in Me” young men’s empowerment conference as part of the partnership between the 1Accord non-profit organization and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Gender Affairs Unit.

The impactful development sessions were hosted by international guest speaker Mr. Tobias Browne, a motivational presenter whose past as a struggling student in Chicago, USA, had him on the brink of dropping out of school. He was able to turn his life around exceling in his studies, authoring a book, becoming the Founder of an Educational Research Firm and now encouraging young men worldwide.

Mr. Browne was supported by Mr. Ivan Connor, Jr., Founder of the 1Accord organization which concentrates on the holistic development and empowerment of the youth. Mr. Connor notes that the “conference activities focus on defining love, value, self-worth and friendship among young men; helping to combat the lack of self-love, parental love and communal love which in many cases are at the core of the issues and ills we see in society today.” Additionally, some sessions include an exploration of violence against women and the role males can play in this plight to end cycles of abuse.
In 2015, 1Accord held its first Male Empowerment Conference branded REVOLUTION in conjunction with the Gender Affairs Units 16 Days of Activism. Since the 2015 conference, male members of the team have continued functioning as community partners, mentors, motivational speakers, activist and project leaders across many disciplines.

Dr. Ronya Foy Connor, Director of the Gender Affairs Unit, states that she’s pleased to partner with the young men’s conference again indicating that “ongoing encouragement ensures that young men are able to find a mentor and continue upon the good work that is established during the group sessions.” She continues on to say, “I want to ensure that when we host these uplifting events, the young men don’t only feel encouraged for the moment but that they have that support and continuation of empowerment throughout their lives.”

To conclude the activities, the conference speakers will have a public discussion on Thursday, 30th November at 8:00 pm for the On Da Spot Radio Show (Klass FM 92.9). This forum will allow for men and women to learn how to communicate with and inspire young men in order to realize the value that is inside each one of them.

– Press Release
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By anguillian December 4, 2017 11:00


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