TRIBUTE TO WINSTON L. HARRIGAN by Ernie Hodge-Carty (Daughter)

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Mr. Winston L Harrigan, one of the champions of the 1967 Anguilla Revolution, has passed away. By nature, Mr Harrigan was never interested in receiving any accolades for his contributions to his beloved Island.

The following is a bird’s eye view of his involvement in the Anguilla Revolution: He provided transportation for the brave determined men to their various out stations for the guarding of the beaches and buildings – as he himself did despite the fact that he was a long sufferer of asthma.

Unprompted on the day that Statehood was observed, he loaded and transported a locally made casket on his vehicle to the Government House at Landsome Bowl to demonstrate the resentment of the people for being a part of the Association with St Kitts-Nevis. That day the past was buried forever.
He suggested that the Burrowes Park be re-named as the “James Ronald Webster Park” and to this day bears the name.
His concern and interest for the welfare of the people of Anguilla resulted in him being selected as one of the twelve Councilmen to serve on the then organized Anguilla Island Council. The Council at the time was responsible for determining the vision for Anguilla. Discussions were intense and nerve wrecking as these loyal Anguillians wanted to ensure their decisions would be in the best interest of the people.

In 1981, as an independent candidate, Mr. Harrigan sought a seat in general elections in district two for the ministerial government where he was defeated at the polls. Nonetheless, his love of country was evident as he continued to petition on behalf of the people of Anguilla.

He influenced a policy that is still operational today – with the Post Office providing a traveling branch so that persons in the out districts would have access to the mailing system.
Mr Winston L Harrigan was the recipient of many awards throughout the years.
The East End Public Health Committee joined with Fair Play Management Services Ltd in 2000 and honoured Mr Harrigan for his outstanding contribution as one of the Nation’s builders of the 20th Century.
In 2002, he was awarded the Badge of Honour and Queen’s Certificate for his role in the Anguilla Revolution.
The St Augustine’s Chorale of the Anglican Church recognised him for his Sterling contribution to the life of the church in 2015.
The Malliouhana Poetry Competition recognised him in May of this year and awarded him the Culture Bearer Award for his sterling contribution during the 1967 Revolution.
He was profiled in the Youth and Culture Calendar during the month of November 2017.

Like many Anguillians, he travelled to many of the neighbouring islands to seek employment but, as he put it, “Anguilla was always my choice of stay….will always be home for me.” Evidence of his construction skills are still evident at the three Anglican churches, the Governor’s residence at Old Ta and further afield, in the neighbouring USVI, at the University of the Virgins Islands (the then College of the Virgin Islands).
A devout Anglican, he maintained a strong belief that Anguillians should remain grateful to God for keeping the island free of bloodshed during the revolutionary years. He was confident that it was “God’s goodness” that kept the island throughout those turbulent times.
He is survived by his four children Merilyn Carter Jackson, Ernie Hodge-Carty, Ruth Roylene Vanterpool and Pagette Carter; eleven grandchildren and twenty seven great grandchildren.

His home going service will be held on Saturday December 23rd at St Augustine’s Anglican Church, East End, at 2 pm.

The Late Mr. Winston L. Harrigan

The Late Mr. Winston L. Harrigan

By anguillian December 25, 2017 10:00 Updated


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