Resilience, Resolve, and Readiness “Awesome! Awesome!Awesome! Great Service, Beautiful Beach And House. Excellent!!

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PURE MAGIC! Our first trip to Anguilla and it was exceptional. What a spectacular home (kudos to the interior decorator!!) and wonderful staff .(Colin took such great care of us!) and a chef who created culinary extravaganzas at every meal. Standing ovation for making our visit one we will never forget !!”
The above words, with original exclamations, are by our first guests during a Thanksgiving stay, after the devastating impact of Irma at Kishti On Meads. They should be a source of some pride and joy to all Anguillians.
In the aftermath of Irma, our two Villas on Meads Bay had four feet of sand in the pool, the patio, and the living room. There were broken glass doors and railings. The landscaping got wiped out, and the list of repairs to electrical and mechanical equipment grew longer by the day. A lot of furniture and beach accessories got destroyed. Restoration seemed like nightmare.
Our dedicated staff, under the able directions of our Villa Manager Kenroy Herbert, chef William Winique, and construction manager Clyde Richardson, were a shining example of Anguillian resilience. They all spent long continuous hours cleaning, vacuuming, scrubbing, repairing, etc., determined in their resolve to restore the Villas to their original conditions, at the earliest.
Ken’s success with the staff, gave us the confidence and comfort to accept guest reservations, just eight weeks after Irma tested the will of the Anguillian people. The most encouraging signs of a herculean effort by Anglec to restore power, raised spirits amongst all of us. The pace of cleaning up on the island was a significant cause for admiration. The pace of restoration at AXA seemed a stark contrast to that at SXM. There were comforting assurances from the Governor of his focus on the island’s infrastructure. His enthusiasm for an upgraded airport in the near future, will benefit the island for its visitors, in the months and years ahead.
Notwithstanding the transportation, availability and disruptions of materials and supplies, Clyde and his crew improvised to conduct essential repairs in record time. Air conditioning and pool repairs were speedily
completed. Landscaping was assisted by good weather, regenerating growth close to pre-hurricane levels, within weeks. With full diesel tanks for our generators, we received our guests, completely ready and confident to look after them.
The guests’ experience on their very first visit to Anguilla reflects in essence the resilience, resolve, and the readiness of the island. We believe it is most ready to share its continuing reputation of care, hospitality and kindness, with its guests, over the Festive Season. Our gratitude and thanks go out to Tyson Brooks, Cheena, Anjali, Gareth, Lee, Lanig, the people at DLG, and many others who have all worked towards making Anguilla great again!


By anguillian December 18, 2017 11:45 Updated


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