RAPF REPORT: RAPF Encourages the Marking and Photographing of Property

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The Royal Anguilla Police Force is soliciting the assistance of the general public in preventing, reducing and the investigation of crimes especially those where there is the loss of property.

Unfortunately, many persons who are victims of crime where property has been stolen as a result of a theft or burglary are not in a position to assist the police with useful information regarding the description of the property. Additionally while many persons may be able to give a description they hardly ever know the serial number or in the case of a cellular phone the IMNE number.

As a result the RAPF is encouraging all property owners to photography their person property especially those valuable items such as jewelry, electronics and other home appliances that can be easily taken during a home invasion. Persons are also encouraged to record all serial numbers and other identification marks that may assist with identifying their property.

This information becomes very important when the RAPF is investigating these offences and discovers property fitting the description given by victims. It becomes very effective when a serial number of other identifying mark can be used to establish whether the property discovered is in fact the stole property.
“Every year, the RAPF recovers significant amounts of stolen property from offenders, which the victims of these crimes are often times unable to identify,” said Acting Inspector Haslyn Patterson who is in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department. “When this occurs it prevents investigators from successfully prosecuting offenders. Marking property, and the recording of identifying marks, such as serial numbers, enables investigators and victims to quickly and easily identify stolen property, which facilitates the successful prosecution of offenders.”

“If you are the very unfortunate victim of a crime in which your personal property is stolen we want to do the very best we can to recover that property and bring those responsible to justice before the courts,” said Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison. “We urge everyone to mark their property where appropriate to help in its safe return. Photographing and recording of serial numbers is a quick and easy way of ensuring the Police can trace and locate your stolen items.”

Chrispen Gumbs, Insp.
Royal Anguilla Police Force

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian December 4, 2017 09:17


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