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Despite the devastation of a sizeable portion of their infrastructure by Hurricane Irma, the Anguilla Electricity Company (ANGLEC) and the Education Department were in a position to sponsor and host the 11th Annual Primary School Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 30, at the Church of God (Holiness) on the Queen Elizabeth Avenue.
This accomplishment attracted the commendation of the Chairman of the event, Mr. Stanley Reid, Principal of SER Legal and Consultancy Services and former Deputy Governor of Anguilla. “I would like to commend ANGLEC for – despite the current situation on Anguilla which we are all very familiar with – having had the fortitude to still put on this event,” he told the mammoth crowd in attendance. “But ANGLEC is not doing it alone, and is not the only entity involved in this exercise that has suffered significantly. The Department of Education is at the forefront of this activity, and we all know that the Department of Education has also had its troubles since Irma visited our shores on the 6th of September. That the Department of Education has been able to put our schools in order in such a short time, and has also been able to continue to ensure that our students did not have to forgo this type of ceremony, is something to be commended.”

Mr. Reid said the ceremony was a way of highlighting the positive accomplishments and contributions of the various students. “The ceremony is not only about Test of Standards. It incorporates Music and Sports Awards and therefore allows students to be recognised for their hard work in academics, arts and sports,” he further stated. “I think it is a desire to ensure that our children are well-rounded, and recognised when they put their best foot forward.”

Mrs. Evalie Bradley, Ministerial Assistant in the Ministry of Home Affairs, spoke on behalf of the Minister of Education, Mrs. Cora Richardson-Hodge, who was at the Joint Ministerial Conference in London. “The theme, Nothing Is Impossible Once You Believe, is a very fitting one for this awards ceremony,” she observed. “Simply put, all it means is that you, our children whom we love and adore, can do anything or be anything, you dream to be, once you believe in yourself that you can do it.”
She continued: “Some of you have excelled in the academic arena; others in music; still others in sports; and some of you in more than one of these areas. You are justly right to feel proud of yourselves and, in fact, we are all proud of you. This ceremony is one small way that the Education Department demonstrates appreciation for your accomplishments. It is hard work and dedication that have brought you here.”

Mrs. Bradley also acknowledged the sponsorship of the ceremony by ANGLEC. “As we all know, the good people of ANGLEC have been working tirelessly since Hurricane Irma struck, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. Despite their many challenges, they have come through for us. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Mr. David Gumbs, Chief Executive Officer, and his team – as well as the Board of Directors, for their continued support and commitment to our children.”

ANGLEC’s Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Jemila Morson-Hodge, said in part: “This is my second time attending this event, and both times I have been so inspired by the spirit of community and excellence shown by every teacher, student, family member and supporter in attendance. ANGLEC is proud to be your sponsor once again, and we are especially proud of each of the students.

“Right now, you are flying high on your achievements and deservedly so. You put in the work and made the sacrifices knowing that this commemorative occasion would take place. I officially congratulate you on all of your valiant efforts to date.” She took the opportunity to highly commend the ANGLEC teams for their hard work as they continue to restore electricity to Anguilla. “You too can light the way to a brighter future for everyone if you believe,” she told the students.

The feature address was delivered by Miss Rhonica Connor, a second form student at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School. She was named the Top Test of Standards Student and the Recipient of the ANGLEC Achievement Award for her grade 3 results in 2013; her grade 5 results in 2015; and her grade 6 results in 2016. She was also the second student to have received the Patricia J. Adams Literary Award three times for those years.

“I am standing here for one reason only and you, awardees, are present here for these same reason – and that is for believing in yourselves, and I commend you highly,” she told them. “Based on my own experiences, to believe is to have faith and confidence within you to achieve any goal. Belief leads to confidence; confidence leads to perseverance; perseverance leads to diligence; and diligence leads to success.”

Among the various pieces of good advice she gave the students was this: “There will be many obstacles to face on your journey to success. The most common one is self-doubt. Never tell yourself that you can’t do it. As I mentioned earlier, success begins in the mind. If you say you can’t, then you can’t; but if you say that you can, then you certainly can. In the face of this, I suggest that you keep your head on; strive for excellence and remember how badly you want to accomplish your goal.”

The students were awarded for their outstanding performances in Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Sports and Music. A number of students also received the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment Award; Patricia J. Adams Literary Award; and the ANGLEC Achievement Award.

By anguillian December 11, 2017 11:53 Updated


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