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The Parliamentary Opposition Leader in the Anguilla House of Assembly, Ms. Palmalvon Webster, has given a report on the OECS Assembly she recently attended on behalf of Anguilla. She reported on the event on Tuesday, December 12, in the House of Assembly, at the invitation of the Acting Speaker, Mr. Terry Harrigan.

“It was the third OECS Assembly and I gave apologies for our Chief Minister who was not able to be there” she told the House. “The main Order of Business included the introduction and presentation of the President of Cuba, His Excellency Raul Castro Ruz. It was a real opportune time for Anguilla to join with the other OECS members in welcoming him, and also to recognise the incredible contributions that Cuba has made to training in the area of medical and health in the Caribbean including Anguilla.”
She said Cuba was also recognised for other areas of cooperation in the Caribbean region and that Mr. Castro and his delegation were very enthusiastically received.
Ms. Webster continued: “Mr. Speaker, I spoke on the motion for a climate resilient strategy for the region. In fact, the OECS has adopted the strategy as presented by the Honourable Prime Minister for St. Lucia, which was seconded and supported by other senior Prime Ministers and Heads of Governments in the region.
“It was an important opportunity to contribute to the development of that strategy, and the Order Paper showed that I would have moved it but I allowed for other senior Prime Ministers, whom I worked and collaborate with in the fashioning of that strategy, over the last few years, to present it. I am very happy that the OECS has adopted it and I know that Anguilla stands to benefit tremendously from the efforts.”
She was of the view that Anguilla was already well-positioned to benefit in that area from aid from the Department for International Development in the United Kingdom through the OECS Assembly.
The Anguilla Opposition Leader went on: “In extending apologies for the absence of the Chief Minister, I used the opportunity to use his words specifically in my address because I wanted to be able to demonstrate to the region that, in fact, when it came to matters as serious as a climate resilient strategy for the Caribbean, where we ourselves are so exposed, that we speak with one voice. I think that was well received by the Assembly. I formally requested a copy of the transcript to be made available to the Chief Minister as well.”
Ms. Webster added: “I think altogether it was a very worthwhile endeavour…It was quite an honour and a privilege [to attend], and I was humbled at the opportunity to be able to contribute so actively to an area that I am very passionate about. I really appreciate the opportunity and I thank the good people of Anguilla for their confidence in me.”

By anguillian December 18, 2017 15:01 Updated


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