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One of the major initiatives of the Nutrition and Health Promotion Department is the annual 150lbs+ Weight Loss Challenge. To date, we have successfully completed five consecutive years fulfilling our mandate to improve the health of the people of Anguilla. Participants are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles practices with a view to maintaining a healthy body mass index. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of developing chronic non-communicable disease – and their complications – resulting in an improved quality of life.

This year eighty-eight (88) persons registered for the Challenge, which is the largest number of participants ever to register thus far. However, in the end, a total of seventy-eight (78) continued on the journey which commenced on the 19th of April and culminated on 26th August 2017. Participants were divided into six teams namely Blue Rangers, Yellow Shredderz, Orange MASA, Purple Results Driven Fitness, Red FLASH and Green W.W.W. Anthropometric, body mass index, body fat composition, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, body age were measured for each participant. Individual fitness levels were also assessed by utilizing a pre-fitness test conducted by fitness instructor Ms. Cleopatra D’Avergue. Biochemical analysis, which included blood sugar and lipid profile tests. was also completed at the beginning and at the end of the program.
During the competition, participants were engaged in a number of health and nutrition education sessions as well as physical activity events. These physical activity sessions were conducted by physical instructors, Ms. Cleopatra D’Avergue, Mr Joseph Pradel and Mr. Duquaine Brooks.

The following are the results of the hard work and effort of the participants in the 150lbs+ Weight Loss Challenge 2017: the Orange MASA team claimed first place, followed by the Yellow Shredderz in second. Purple Results Driven Fitness came in third; Green W.W.W fourth place; Red Flash fifth and Green Rangers in sixth place.
In the individual category, Ms. Janelle Anthony of the Yellow Shedderz placed third with a weight loss of 12.3% of her initial body weight and the equivalent of 21.6 lbs. In second place was Mr. Samaro Richardson of Orange MASA with a weight loss of 38.8 lbs a 14.8% of his initial body weight – the most pounds loss by an individual since the inception of the program. In first place with a total loss of 15.4% initial body weight the equivalent of 33.0 lbs was the overall winner Florencia P. Reece of team Orange MASA. This year’s 150lbs+ Weight Loss Challenge has been a remarkable success with an impressive overall weight loss of six hundred and fifteen (615 lbs).
The Nutrition and Health Promotion Department, on behalf of the Health Authority of Anguilla, would like to express sincere thanks to the following sponsors for their generous contribution to the 150 lbs+ Weight Loss Challenge: MASA the platinum sponsor for the past three years; Anacaona Boutique Hotel; Tackle Box Sports Centre; Paramount Pharmacy; Casual Zone Fitness; La Severine Total Fitness & Massage; Results Driven Fitness and Ifitness Anguilla.


By anguillian December 18, 2017 10:26 Updated


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