Gender and Health in Anguilla’s National Sustainable Development Plan

By anguillian December 4, 2017 09:46




As the KAIRI Team undertakes the consultations to feed into Anguilla’s National Sustainable Development Plan, the team met with gender development stakeholders and those in the health fields on Tuesday, 28th November at the NEOC (National Emergency Operations Centre) Conference Room. The consultation takes place during the Gender Affairs Unit’s “16 Days of Activism against Gender Based-Violence” and was a very fitting time to discuss the year 2040 vision for Anguilla in regards to gender mainstreaming and creating a more prosperous Anguilla in all forms.
The roughly 20 representatives for gender affairs included men and women of all ages, those in governmen

t and the private sector and others representing select populations such as youth and the elderly. The visioning exercise encouraged participants to consider what needs to be preserved in Anguilla and what are issues for further development.
The group discussion for Gender visioning included an increased focus on young male development, attracting greater numbers of local Anguillian teachers, ending gang violence and other abuses, developing opportunities for public servants and focusing on the agriculture sector and environmental impacts on Anguilla.
Special thanks to Anthea Ipinson in the Ministry of Finance for organizing the forum, and to all in attendance.

– Press Release

By anguillian December 4, 2017 09:46


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