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When we stop and give objective consideration to the positive accomplishments, attributes and contributions of our youths, we can do no less than conclude that the vast majority of our youths are worthy of praise. Parents, teachers, churches and community organisations and individuals must also be commended for the role they play in encouraging and mentoring our young people – and in showcasing their various skills and talents.
Many of us are privileged to regularly witness and share in the accomplishment of our youths. We are able to do this by our attendance at graduations, school organized sporting activities and other sports meets, performances by performing arts groups, exhibitions and musical recitals.
At graduations, students are recognised for their academic, musical and athletic accomplishments. Primary Schools Sports Day allows children to demonstrate their budding athleticism. The ALHCS Inter-House Sports Day is one arena where potential Olympians are identified. The other athletic meets, organised by various athletic clubs, ensure that our athletes are exposed to regular training and competition, on and off Anguilla; and exhibitions showcase the artistic talents of Primary School students, WISE students, PRU Students and CSEC students.
The regular, high quality, shows produced by From Within Dance Company Anguilla (FWD), Klassique Academy of Dance and Performing Arts Anguilla (KADPAA), Stages Anguilla Theatre Arts Group, Morlens Music Studio, Tranquility School of Music, the ALHCS Choir, the ALHCS Steel Orchestra, the ALHCS Concert Band and the ALHCS Jazz Ensemble, reflect the talents and discipline of our students. The stellar performances of our debaters whether as members of the ALHCS New Young Progressive Debaters, or the ALHCS Literary and Debating Society must also be noted. Our students are clearly being groomed for their future roles as ambassadors of Anguilla, regionally and internationally.
The list of the many areas in which our young people are contributing positively includes their involvement in the many ‘disciplined’ organisations. Involvement in the Cadets, Pathfinders, Scouts, Cubs, Boys Brigades, Guides and Brownies develop life skills and discipline in our young people. The NCBA – sponsored Primary School Football competition and the ALHCS Inter House Basketball and other sporting competitions, provide opportunities for students to hone their skills while engaging in sportsmanlike conduct and learning life lessons.
In light of the accomplishments, contributions, involvement and positive engagement of the vast majority of our young people, why do we often speak collectively of them from a negative perspective? It is clearly inaccurate and therefore wrong to paint all our young people with a broad brush of negativity, as a result of infractions on the part of a very small minority. The evidence to support the position that we have reason to be proud of the vast majority of our young people can be seen everywhere if we care to look.
Increasingly our young people are considering and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures rather than simply relying on finding a place in the ‘regular job market’. They are trying to turn their dreams into reality. At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate our youths in ‘traditional’ jobs – this is to be admired and encouraged.
Many of our institutions, though they may be primarily staffed by adults, are conscious of the need to support the youths, as they strive to contribute positively to the development of Anguilla in all spheres. Many teachers get it; many parents get it; many community organisations and individuals get it. The persons and organisations that get it are so consumed with their efforts to support and nurture the youths – that they can find little or no time to expend correcting the fallacies, which some vociferous persons promote that our young people are lost. The Anguillian will do its part to dispel this misinformation.
Our youths are not lost. A few are misguided, but the vast majority consistently make us proud and demonstrate, through their accomplishments, attributes and contributions, that Anguilla can, and will, thrive if a supporting framework which nurtures and supports our youths is institutionalised. The institutionalisation of such a framework is in its embryonic stages, as evidenced by the programmes and plans being explored by such entities as the Department and Ministry of Education and the Department of Youth and Culture. With deliberate thought and effort, and our positive input, we can increase the pace of the institutionalisation of the appropriate supporting framework. This should be our national New Year’s resolution in 2018.
In 2018, don’t let the deserved praise for our youths be overshadowed by the misdeeds of a few misguided youths.

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