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It was a time of enjoyment at nightfall on Tuesday, December 19, when the South Hill Community Club held its Fifth Annual Christmas Experience and Lighting Parade on the field opposite Greig’s Trucking.

The function began with a breakfast on the site, while preparations were being made for the well-attended above event. Patrons were not only attracted to the Christmas parade, but by the various food stalls, gifts for children – and the Musical Brothers who provided the entertainment.

“The action kicked off with a breakfast from 6 am when hot cakes, salt-fish and lion fish, amongst other food items, were sold,” Mrs. Chrislyn Hughes, one of the organisers of the event, wrote in a press release for The Anguillian newspaper. “The rock oven was kept busy all day, baking Johnny cakes which many festival-goers requesting butter.

“There was live entertainment by Dumpa & Perry, Mr. Decent, Took & The Boys, Springer & Company, Natty & The House and Synergy Band [and the Musical Brothers].”
The statement continued: “The Lighting Parade, sponsored by FLOW, was one of the main activities of the South Hill Christmas Experience. Both adults and children, decorated with their glow sticks, followed the lighted floats around Back Street. The pulsating sounds from the drumming of the Boys Brigade, and the rhythm from DJ Vicious, were the musical entertainment for the parade. Additionally, gifts and cupcakes were given to the children following the parade.

“The South Hill Community Club wishes to thank the following persons and businesses for contributing to the 5th Annual South Hill Christmas Experience: FLOW for being the platinum sponsor for the Lighting Parade three years in a row. Hall’s Unique Bakery; Wilson Telemaque; Carlo Gumbs; the Vendors; Entertainers; The Anguillian newspaper; Mo’s Sweet Tooth Cakesp; Pete’s Trucking; Elmoalis Ltd.; the Department of Youth & Culture; FWD; E’s Oven; Peggy Hughes, Superior Industrial Equipment; Mr. Claudius Gumbs; the Boys Brigade; Greig’s Trucking; DJ Vicious; the Adrian T. Hazell Primary School; the Royal Anguilla Police Force; Zanka, Godfrey Carty, Jerecia Hughes; Hon. Evalie Bradley; Julius (Bootie) Hughes; Jurdell Hughes; Jullian Hughes; and all others who came out to help. The Committee is indeed grateful. We look forward to your continued support for the 6th Annual South Hill Christmas Experience.

“The South Hill Community Club would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year, 2018.”

By anguillian December 25, 2017 11:52 Updated


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