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Twas 10 days before Christmas, and 100 days post Hurricane Irma that we flipped the last switch to fully re-energize Anguilla!

On December 15th, 2017 the Anguilla Electricity Company Ltd. (ANGLEC) met its commitment to restore “lights by Christmas” in Anguilla, following an intensive post-Irma restoration exercise.

In celebration of achieving this goal, ANGLEC is pleased to officially announce that island-wide restoration was completed ahead of schedule and without incident – thanks to the hard work of teams from near and far, public support, as well as the unwavering commitment of ANGLEC’s employees.

We would like to thank the many persons and entities who have supported this initiative on all levels. For those who offered their services, donated water, food and bore other gifts for our teams, we thank you.

To those who cheered us on by offering moral support and encouragement, in person and online, your kindness was invaluable.

We appreciate every sacrifice and commitment made on our behalf and couldn’t have completed this restoration without support of our visiting CARILEC members and supporting regional teams, Valard from Canada, the UK Government, the Governor’s Office and the Government of Anguilla.

Today we stand 100% restored and, while there is still work to be done in Anguilla, ANGLEC remains committed to serve throughout Anguilla’s post Irma recovery.

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By anguillian December 25, 2017 11:07 Updated


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