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On the evening of Sunday, December 3rd, a large crowd filled in the St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, at East End, to be thrilled by the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School’s Sound Review 2017. It was the school’s third annual performance. The annual Sound Review is the brainchild of renowned music educator and conductor, Mr. Lennox Vanterpool, who is a long-serving ‘professor’ at the school’s Music Department, headed by Mrs. Daphne Jacobs-Richardson.
Sunday’s audience was spell-bound. Everyone was moved to exuberant cheers and applause as each item was rendered. It was the general opinion that the immaculate presentations can indeed parallel the standards of big band ensembles on the international arena. The Jazz Ensemble section of the band exhibited stellar pieces that made the audience very pleased and proud. Their renditions can certainly top dinner time or lunchtime music entertainment at any modern restaurant.
The band’s opening item, Courage, struck the audience with a sense of awe. It set the electrifying stage for the rest of the show. It was hard to believe that our very own youngsters were playing the grade of music that professionals play – with such grace and skill. The arrangements were flawless, and the guidance of Mr. Vanterpool and his guest conductors was nothing less than awesome. The rendering of the third item, the familiar theme to The Godfather was top-notch.
Assisting Mr. Vanterpool in conducting was Mrs. Kimba Southwell, a co-educator of music at the school, who directed Cheap Thrills, a stirring rhythmic piece that sent the audience bobbing and swaying with cheerful delight. Other co-conductors were Tr. Shermel Archibald, who conducted You Raise Me Up, as well as past ALHCS graduate Kasem Thompson, who conducted Moana.
During a brief intermission, Mr. Vanterpool took the opportunity to make a few noteworthy comments and to give special recognition to a few persons and entities:
“For years now,” he said, “the question has been asked, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth.’ The ALHCS Music Department, proper, has been answering that continually in the affirmative. We would like to recognize the contribution of Bishop Brooks for his unswerving support in having us use this church building for anything musical. We also recognize Janine Edwards of Sunset Homes, Romero and company for the videography, Titanium Sound, Sisters Gina and Zulma at the door for their very faithful community service and Sister Anita Ruan who provided refreshments. We would also wish to recognize our guest musicians. On bass, we have Mr. Curtis Robinson; on drums, we have Mr. Kenjay Thomas; on the baritone sax, we have Superintendent Allan Coppin; and on trombone, we have Constable Leon Christie. These community players along with our own music educators, Shermel Archibald and Kimba Southwell, continue to work with us in the advancement of our musical cause. We also recognize Dr. Patrick Vanterpool for providing transportation. In addition, we recognize the strong support of our Principal Mrs. Joyce Stuart as well as our Department Head, Mrs. Daphne Jacobs Richardson. Then of course, we want to thank you the audience for coming back again and again.”
Mr. Vanterpool continued: “We also want to thank those people who partnered with us in having some of the members from the band attend the annual Summer Music band camp in St. Thomas. We are truly indebted to our donors including Willis Hodge of Tropical Distributors; Althea Hodge and the Anguilla Development Board; Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake and her team at the Anguilla Community Foundation; Mr. Tim Hodge and Dr. Maglan Lewis at Social Security Board; the Department of Youth and Culture; Calypso Charters; The Anguillian; Klass FM; and NBR Grace FM. We also thank Maureen Duncan for having our tickets printed since August.”

He finally commented; “More and more people are coming on to support what continues to be a stellar event on the calendar. We appreciate the fact that we have a lot of work to do in terms of where we want the children to be. But I am not disappointed in the least, because every year we can see greater and greater things happening and better and better strides.” He then mentioned metaphorically, “I want to suggest that in the future, we can have a new NCBA. Not that anything is wrong with the current one, now, but I am just thinking ‘NCBA2’ — the National Concert Band of Anguilla.” To that, there were much cheers and laughter.
The show continued with seamless, thrilling presentations by the Jazz Ensemble in a relaxing, soul-soothing ambiance. The final four items done by the entire Concert Band were: Shape of You; Funk; I Feel Good (the James Brown classic) and When the Saints Go Marching In. According to Mr. Vanterpool, they dubbed the last Item a “Saintsational Trio” in respect of another music educator, the late Ms. Ashena Desouza, who passed away earlier this year. Three trumpet players we featured on this piece, namely: Michael Christie, Kamal Vanterpool and Kasem Thompson.
The Anguillian, is very proud of our young, budding musicians who soothe the human soul with such inspiring music. But we would like to distinguish three of the band members, due to the fact that we admire their fortitude and courage especially since each of these three has sadly lost a parent in recent times. First, we recognize Ms. Angelique Rogers, daughter of the late Frankie Rogers and Elsa Rogers. As a toddler, Angelique often sat on her dad’s lap in the studio, pounding her own childish tunes on the piano keys. Frankie, himself an accomplished, renowned musician, always predicted that his daughter would walk in his footsteps. Today, she proudly plays the saxophone. Then, we recognize Michael Martin Jr., (son of pan-man Michael Martin), whose mother, Carol Martin, passed away when he was still very young. At the show, he featured a touching piece – on the tenor sax – entitled Someone to Watch Over Me. No doubt, he focused on the memories of his mom while rendering. Finally, we recognize young Kamoy Garvey – whose dad Clive Garvey, died last May. Kamoy plays tenor sax in the band.

The Anguillian extends cordial congratulations to the organizers of Sound Review 2017, and would like to encourage the young band players to remain focused in developing their God-given musical talents.

By anguillian December 11, 2017 11:23 Updated


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