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The Under-15 female footballers in Anguilla, drawn from various clubs, have been encouraged to aim for excellence as they develop their skills, and to seek assistance from the Anguilla Football Association towards that end.
The admonition was given as the U-15 girls observed World Women’s Football Day 2017 at the Anguilla Football Association’s Academy and playing field on Saturday, November 18. The main activity was dubbed “a Small Goal Festival”.

President of the Association, Mr. Raymond Guishard, urged the girls to follow a path that would lead to the development of successful and effective female coaches, officials and administrators.

“You will have the assurance that the Anguilla Football Association is there to support you in your quest for excellence and to live your goals,” he told them. “We, in the Association, have our job and that is to make sure that you are able to live your goals. Set them as high as possible. Spend time dreaming about the best things that will happen in your lives and come talk to us. We must be there to ensure that you achieve your goals and your dreams.”

U-15 Girls Head Coach, Ms. Keturah Caines, said in part: “On this day, we would like to showcase what we are doing in Anguilla and what we have achieved. I look forward to seeing what you will be doing in this Small Goal Festival we are having. I encourage all of you to continue to work hard and to show us what you are made of.”

Former U-15 Girls Captain, Ms. Samisha Connor, spoke about her delight in travelling with teams to the Cayman Islands and Orlando to represent Anguilla in football tournaments. She praised the players whom she had seen develop over a period of time. “Now, on this Women’s Football Day, I can say that women’s football in Anguilla will continue to develop,” she stated. “I have seen it in the travels I have done with the teams. I have seen them develop mentally and working together. I can now say that football in Anguilla will be better than ever in the coming years.”

Ms. Glennicia Richardson, one of the mothers of the footballers, encouraged the U-15 girls to develop their playing skills, and advised the other mothers to encourage them as well. “Football teaches you a lot of discipline, patience and team work, and I wish the teams all the best – especially when the time comes to travel abroad to represent Anguilla,” she added.

The event on the playing field at the Anguilla Football Stadium provided much enjoyment and fellowship for the U-15 girls, as well as, mothers, who participated in a small match.

By anguillian November 27, 2017 10:18 Updated


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