POETRY CORNOR: “Beauty in Debris” by Patricia Adams

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Her winds of change with power and might
Swept on a warm September night.
They battered and shattered
Scattered and tattered
Everything that mattered!
The beast’s name was Irma!

Hearts pounded with deathly fright
As the witch rode on her broom that night
And ruined everything in sight!
At daybreak on the sixth we’d see
Debris, debris and more debris!
From category five storm, Irma.

Whose hands plucked up our majestic trees
And cracked their arms like tiny sticks?
Whose winds mounted our turquoise seas?
Who screamed like a child who just got licks?
Which aged giant sneezed and sneezed
Winged our buildings like straws in a breeze?
Who shoveled up our whitest sand?
Carved hilly dunes upon the land?
Why murmur? It was Irma!

Businesses were in an X.
Government questioned, “Lord, what’s next?”
Schools demolished, offices crushed
Ancient architecture hushed.
Churches fell down on their knees
When they felt that spirited breeze!
Who stole Ebenezer’s bell?
Confess your evil deeds! Pray tell.
Irma is the sinner.

We moaned, we groaned, we prayed, we swayed,
We peeved, we grieved, we sang and sang,
We laughed, we gaffed, we sought, we bought,
We spilt, we built, we eyed, we cried.
Encapsulated in Irma!

Little neighbours I hardly know
Sang, “Oh, MaDonna had a far-, E-i-e-i-o!”
Cousins played marbles in the yard.
Fathers o’er children truly stood guard
Told childhood tales of long ago
‘Bout kindred and heroes the youth didn’t know.
Mothers baked Johnny cakes again
Brothers played cricket’s sweet refrain.
Sisters crocheted a doily white
Gramps paid attention with delight.
Comrades stopped by their tales to tell
And hoped that soon all would be well!
Compliments of Madame Irma!

Crocuses yellow carpeted the grass
While broken trunks bowed down. Alas!
Total darkness calmly replaced light.
Stars twinkled “Hello” in the night,
Anguillians gasped at the awesome sight.
The full moon outshone Irma.

Ha! Technology went on strike!
Now other hobbies our children like
Like racing on a rusty bike
Or going on a coastal hike.
All discovered since Irma.

Bathing in a bucket is a deal!
Brushing teeth from a cup has new appeal
And mosquitoes’ bites make us squeal!
Washing dirty clothes is fun
Squish, squish! Wringing them one by one
Multiple colours flapping on the line
While the curious sun does shine.
Gathering garments when they’re dry.
Ironing on the stove – Oh my, my!
Irma made us remember!

“Please take me to the nearest shore.”
“The ferries aren’t sailing today, for sure.”
“The planes do not have wings to hum.”
“That storm made every engine dumb.”
St. Martin slain by Irma!

Holy Bibles in the hand
Noted hymnals as we stand
Choir sings crescendo loud
No microphone to preach to the crowd.
Pupils rise with morning sun
Others spell when day’s half done.
What will History proclaim
When we record the teacher’s name?
That memorable femme was Irma.

Hear the green leaves flutter
As we drag away the clutter.
See the rainbow flowers bloom
As they quietly deny the gloom.
Hear the turtle doves chant “Coo!”
See the hen hatch chicks brand new.
Feel the hot sun on the skin
As we smile and lift our chin
And learn from Hurricane Irma! – October 20th, 2017 – Having regained electricity.

By anguillian November 13, 2017 11:34 Updated


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