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The United Kingdom Government has fulfilled a commitment made to the Anguilla Government to finance the construction of a new jetty at Road Bay. The way is now clear for the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority to invite bidders for the project.

A Procurement Notice to that effect has been published on the Anguilla Government’s website. It states that the Government has received financing from the United Kingdom Government in the amount equivalent to GB Pounds Sterling of six million, eight hundred and fifty thousand (£6,850,000.00) towards the cost of the new jetty. It has also been announced that the Anguilla Government intends to apply a portion of the financing to eligible payments under a contract.

The project is being implemented by the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority with contracted assistance from DLN Consultants who will aid with the delivery of the project.

The Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority is now inviting sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction of the jetty. The works include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. A compacted fill root to the jetty with geotextile, rock filter and armour covered slopes.
2. A jetty including 450 mm reinforced concrete steel case piles supporting a reinforced concrete superstructure with ramps for berthing ro-ro vessels and berthing faces for lo-lo vessels, including bollards, fenders and utilities.
3. Paved areas for access, storage of containers and general cargo.

Interested bidders must be legally incorporated or groups with verifiable track records in marine construction projects. Interested bidders are encouraged to visit the following websites http://anguillaports.com or http://www.gov.ai to view the Procurement Notice and download or print a comprehensive Invitation to Bid Letter for the New Jetty at Road Bay. Full details on Eligibility, Shortlisting and Submission criteria are available in the Invitation to Bid Letter.

The Procurement Notice adds that the Government of Anguilla/Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the process and reject all bids, at any time prior to awarding the contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected prospective bidder(s).

The UK Government recently assisted the Anguilla Government with funds to repair the existing main jetty at Road Bay, originally built by Royal Engineers in 1971.

By anguillian November 20, 2017 10:31 Updated


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