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C.R. Hodge & Associates is now Iustitia Law Chambers

C.R. Hodge & Associates, a full-fledged law firm, started by Cora Richardson-Hodge in 2006, is undergoing some exciting changes. Mrs. Cora Richardson-Hodge, Attorney-at-Law, has joined forces with Mrs. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse, Attorney-at-Law to move the business to greater heights. These two ladies have a lot in common including strength in corporate litigation and a passion for helping others.
In 2009, Mrs. Richardson-Hodge entered the political arena and in April 2015 she was elected to Office and became inactive in the law firm. The enthusiastic Latoya Hobbs-Nurse was called to the Anguilla Bar in June and came on board at C.R.Hodge & Associates shortly after. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse is now the Senior Associate and will be the new face of the firm.
Latoya Hobbs-Nurse was born and raised in Guyana. For eight years she practiced before the Bar in Guyana. She possesses a wealth of knowledge in corporate commercial practice and was at the helm of one of the leading law firms there where she worked for five years. Mrs. Hobbs-Nurse was also the legal officer for Digicel Guyana prior to coming to Anguilla.
Mrs. Hobbs-Nurse shared that as the Principal of the Firm, Cora remains involved and plays an integral advisory role. The two like-minded individuals, along with other staff members, have also decided that a change of name for the business was in order. The name of the firm will be changed to Iustitia Law Chambers. Fittingly, Iustitia means justice in Latin.
Amidst the changes, many things will remain the same. Iustitia Law Chambers will continue to be housed upstairs the Haskins Building in The Valley. It will continue to offer a range of services including litigation, commercial transactions, debt collection, property management, real estate, and much more. All of the contact information will remain the same except for the email addresses that will be changed to reflect the new firm’s name.
When asked what distinguishes Iustitia from other firms Mrs. Hobbs-Nurse shared: “The distinguishing mark for me is that I come from Guyana the land of many waters. At the bar we have 100 or more lawyers. We have perhaps 15-20 Senior Attorneys. My years practicing there showed me that to distinguish yourself, in the midst of everything, you have to have principles, you have to be a person of integrity, you have to be willing to go the extra mile – and that is the type of person I am. I am the go-getter. I want to help you not for my own benefit but to give you the peace of mind you need.” She continued, “We are here to serve both your small and large needs. If you simply need to ask a question, we can do that. That is what will set us apart. We are a people’s firm.”

An optimist by nature and nurture, Latoya Hobbs-Nurse looks for the benefits rather than the challenges in any situation, but deals with the challenges as they come. She shared, “One of the major challenges presently is re-establishing the firm’s presence in the face of Hurricane Irma. However, my Professor once told me once the grass is green and the product coming out of it is excellence, like we strive for here, at Iustitia Law Chambers, you will overcome every obstacle. With the new changes, and the new life coming into the practice, we will overcome that obstacle and we foresee the business excelling. The firm has been and continues to be a longstanding reputable firm. We pride ourselves on offering quality, quantity and excellence while giving our customers peace of mind.”
Looking towards the future, she sees the business expanding to include more Associates and Paralegals and offering even more services.
Mrs. Latoya Hobbs-Nurse ended by sharing some words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Go get it!” she said. “Don’t think about what you have or what you don’t have. Be a customer oriented person and be willing to sell yourself, if necessary, as the product and just go get it.”

To the General Public:
“Come and see us. We are open for business. Iustitia law Chambers will give you peace of mind!”
Mrs Latoya Hobbs-Nurse the Senior Associate of IUSTITIA LAW CHAMBERS can be reached at: 1 (264) 498-8899 E-mail:

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson


By anguillian November 20, 2017 10:03 Updated


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