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The Right Rev. Errol Brooks, Priest-in-Charge of St. Mary’s Parish, together with St. Augustine’s and St. Andrew’s, has announced the receipt of various hurricane relief supplies from church-related donors in the Caribbean region and the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

He spoke to The Anguillian on Tuesday this week when a 20-foot container was opened at The Rectory and the contents: plywood, galvanise and generators other materials were transported to, and temporarily stored in, a section of the Scouts and Guides Ruthwill Auditorium.

“We are unloading some material, including plywood, galvanize sheeting, and some generators which have been sent to the Anglican Church by a sister church, St. Peter’s in Fernandina Beach, Florida, he explained. “You will recall that some months ago we had a team of men from that very church working on the Old Boys’ School just next door. They have been gracious enough to purchase these materials – and also to send four of their men back to Anguilla, on Thursday, to assist with whatever repairs and advice they could give in terms of restoration.”

The Bishop continued: “I am also definitely pleased with the response we have had from our neighbouring islands – Nevis, St. Kitts, Antigua and Trinidad and now, from further-a-field, our brothers and sisters in Fernandina Beach in Florida.

“It really helps one to understand that the church is indeed a very large family. ‘In Christ, there is no east or west; in Him no north or south; but one great family of love throughout the whole wide world.’

“They have seen our plight and have been moved with compassion to help to alleviate the situation in Anguilla. We are extremely grateful for this assistance.”

When questioned about the relief supplies from the Caribbean islands, the Bishop said: “I was very much surprised, a few days after the hurricane struck, when two of the parishes in Nevis, under the direction of a former parish priest, the Very Reverend Rudolph Smithen, now retired as Dean Emeritus, sent several barrels of foods in quick time. That was really great, and then the same came from some of the parishes in St. Kitts. Antigua sent a container of water and food supplies which have been distributed across the parish – not just to Anglicans, but people in need. The people have been extremely grateful for the support that they are getting.”

Asked about the purpose of the supplies from Florida, Bishop Brooks responded: “The drop shade at the Boys’ School was stripped by Hurricane Irma – as well as the roof of the St. Andrew’s Hall at Island Harbour and we will be using the material there. The Scouts and Guides Auditorium is a different entity but, of course, if we can help we will because it is for our youth.”

By anguillian November 6, 2017 11:15 Updated


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