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As life returns to normal, following the ravages of Hurricane Irma, members of the Board of Directors and Staff of Social Security in Anguilla have emerged to hold their annual week of activities – including a Divine Service at St. Mary’s Parish Church on Sunday, November 5.

The service was conducted by Rev. Menes Hodge assisted by Mr. Winston Duncan.

Following his sermon, Rev. Hodge said: “We are delighted that you, the members of Social Security, have chosen St. Mary’s Anglican Church to worship as you celebrate the 35th Anniversary of your history. You are members of a noble institution providing an honourable and commendable service to the people of Anguilla – ‘securing futures and enhancing lives.’

“Jesus said to his followers: ‘I am among you as one who serves’. Many, if not all of you, were at one time students at The Valley Secondary School, now the Comprehensive School. I recall that the Motto there was ‘Decus est Servire’ (It is an Honour to Serve). You who are members of the Social Security Board must not only regard your service as a financially-rewarding job, but one that gives you an opportunity to serve the public.

“Humility is one of the hallmarks of service and you are in a privileged position in which you should take particular pride. Humility is a quality that you should nurture and practice and, as we said in one of our prayers, we should offer to God true and loyal service. The same sentiment should be expressed in our service to others at all times.”

Director of Social Security, Mr. Tim Hodge, took the opportunity to remind the congregation that one of the activities for Social Security Week was a lecture on climate change. He saw the lecture as an important event for the public, particularly as Hurricane Irma, the most powerful tropical storm to hit Anguilla, may be a result of climate change.

Mr. Hodge read a portion of Scripture about the stilling of a storm by Jesus before leading his fellow Social Security personnel in singing “Ride Out Your Storm”. The accompanying music was played by Mr. Perry Hughes, a member of the Board.

Other Social Security workers who participated in the service were Mr. Arnie S. Hodge and Ms. Pearlita Bryson both of whom delivered Scripture readings.

By anguillian November 13, 2017 11:49 Updated


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