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The strength and resilience of Anguilla in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma has been immense. The community and the Government of Anguilla remained strong throughout and are leading a huge effort to return to business, with the Governor’s Office and the UK playing an important part in supporting this process.

In the immediate aftermath of the Hurricane the UK responded by providing humanitarian aid, including almost 7 tonnes of food and water that was given to local Red Cross centres for distribution with the help of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) also distributed 230 shelter kits including tarpaulin to protect buildings from further water damage and 500 hygiene kits. An amazing community led response to clear debris was supported by the UK military, with Royal Marines helping to clear roads and buildings.

Working with the Governor’s Office, the Government of Anguilla has set about an immediate plan to repair critical infrastructure and utilities to support the health and education of Anguilla through repair of the hospital and schools. Over 18 tonnes of timber, 8 tonnes of plywood and 10 tonnes of corrugated iron (CGI) has been forwarded by the UK government to Anguilla’s Ministry of Infrastructure to support their plan to repair Anguilla. Over 70 UK military personnel have been on Anguilla, including the Royal Marines and Royal Engineers, to support the Ministry for Infrastructures activity.

As Anglec works hard to reconnect the islands power, the UK has provided generators to schools and the reverse osmosis desalination plant and we look forward to these returning to operation in the coming days.

Since Hurricane Irma, both Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Development Secretary Priti Patel have visited Anguilla to see the scale of the damage and reiterate the UK’s long-term commitment to the Overseas Territories.
Commenting on the relief efforts, Governor Tim Foy said:

“Anguilla faced the full force of Hurricane Irma, with one person sadly dying, and many others losing homes and their livelihoods threatened. I’m proud of the amazing strength the people and the government have shown in response to the devastation we’ve seen. The UK is supporting the plan our office and the government have put together to repair vital infrastructure, including schools and the hospital, and to support Anguilla’s return to business and a secure a resilient economic future.”

– Press Release

By anguillian October 9, 2017 11:37


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