LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No Carnival 2018 Funds

By anguillian October 30, 2017 10:33 Updated




Dear Editor,

Government should not give any funds to Carnival 2018. We have been struck by the worst natural disaster to hit this country, and people are certainly suffering. Some are roofless, jobless, “school-less” and hopeless. Our ministers are working to restore and upgrade damaged facilities. The cost is staggering and help is very, very limited. Some say borrow, some say beg and others say do without.

Persons in other countries have sacrificed to send us aid because we said we needed it. We are indeed grateful. We must be mature and set priorities right. Let us put first things first. They need their money. It is hypocrisy and bad-minded to beg or borrow from others so we can party and ‘go on bad’.

As it is written, “there is a time for everything”. This is no time to budget government monies for revelers to ‘jump up’ in the streets or ‘swing dance’ from the sides of trucks. Carnival 2018 can pay its’ own way without any help from government. Whatever funds were allocated should be pulled back – every last penny. Everyone understands that these times are ridiculously hard. We won’t suffer or die if some shows are skipped or scaled down for just one year. Carnival will be fine either way.

Carnival 2018 cuts will help locals, donors, lenders and investors to take our recovery efforts seriously.

Yours respectively,
Very Concerned Citizens

By anguillian October 30, 2017 10:33 Updated


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