JNH Institute’s Certificate Awards Ceremony

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On Monday, October 23, the JNH Professional Training Institute conducted yet another certificate awards ceremony at its locality in the Mason’s Complex. Under the tutelage of Mr. & Mrs. Junior Neville Hamilton (JNH), the Institute began its self-enrichment services to the community a year ago, with emphasis on offering short accredited courses for the development of companies’ staff and individuals.
Monday’s ceremony saw certificates being issued to ten participants who took part in a six-week self-management chronic disease workshop during the period through June 16th through July 24th. The program was a collaborative effort between the JNH Institute and the National Chronic Disease Unit of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.
After making the welcome remarks, and offering a fervent prayer, proprietor Hamilton called on two talented young brothers, Michael and Leon Christie, to render the National Song. The striking instrumental rendition, played on the clarinet and trumpet, was more than “music to the ears”. Following the harmonious rendering, the keynote address was admirably delivered by Mrs. Twyla Bradshaw-Richardson, Director of the Chronic Disease Unit.

In stressing the advantages of patient self-management, Mrs. Bradshaw-Richardson noted: “Chronic illnesses require ongoing attention that differs from traditional care for acute illnesses. Patients with chronic illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer, can play a central role in managing the broad array of factors that contribute to their health. Common sense suggests – and healthcare experts agree – that one way to improve health outcomes for individuals with chronic illness is to provide them with the support they need to manage their own illnesses effectively. Indeed, given that the healthcare system is overburdened, and clinical time is limited, some experts regard patient self-management as the only arena where there is available capacity – within the care system – for improving the quality of care and reducing health care costs.”
In reviewing the success of the six–week program, Mrs. Bradshaw Richardson had this to say: “The participants took an active role in the workshop by setting weekly goals and providing feedback on how they managed. Questionnaires were administered to the participants before and after the program, and there were noticeable increases in physical activity in 78% of the participants. The participants reported increases in either stretching, walking and aerobic exercises or some combination of the three. Additionally, 65% reported improvement in the way they feel about their overall health – increasing from either fair to good, or from good to very good. As it pertains to self-efficacy, all participants showed a significant increase in their confidence for being able to control their symptoms.”
Mrs. Bradshaw-Richardson was assisted in the program by two other facilitators in the persons of Fedalia Richardson and Rochelle Rogers, both attached to the National Chronic Disease Unit as Program Officers. “Overall,” said Mrs. Bradshaw-Richardson, “the participants found the workshop well-structured, comprehensive, and rich in content, which the National Chronic Disease Unit deems a success.”

One such noteworthy success was reflected in a testimonial given by Ms. Gisselle Barrett, one of the program’s participants, who had suffered from a spell of depression following the death of her very close friend, and later, her stepfather. She expressed the nature of the debilitating trauma that made her life so difficult and virtually unbearable. However, thanks to the courtesies of the JNH Institute, and her involvement in the self-management health workshop, she testified that she had moved from a 5% wellness level at the commencement of the program to a current 40% level of wellness – and was gradually climbing.
The ten recipients of certificates included: Marva Richardson, Nishara Payne, Daphne Armantrading, Gisselle Barret, Claudette Pickering, Carl Thomas, Susan Hodge, Clifton James, Verna Baird and Neville Hamilton, himself. The vote of thanks was effectively given by participant Carl Thomas, who, in addition to applauding the work of the facilitators and the success of the program, also surprisingly dramatized a well-received pantomime depicting the woes and opportunities presented by the recent passage of Hurricane Irma.
The Anguillian newspaper wishes to commend the efforts of the National Chronic Disease Unit and praise the continued endeavors of JNH Professional Training Institute for conducting such worthwhile community-based self-enrichment programs.

By anguillian October 30, 2017 10:18 Updated


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