Business Column: Communication is Key as we rebuild

By anguillian October 30, 2017 10:04




The Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry commends its members and Anguilla in general for the resilience and grit demonstrated after the storm. Many member businesses have reopened and others will reopen in the weeks and months ahead.
Whether you have reopened or have yet to open there are some key communication strategies that you should be employing (source Queensland Government).

Communicate with your customers
This is important as it will allow your business to find out how your customers were affected by the storm and how you can help. It demonstrates that you care. Communicating with customers individually or via mass communication is also important to let customers know when you will reopen, where you are operating from, when you can take new orders and when deliveries for example will begin. Give your customers as much information as possible to help ensure they will continue to buy from you. Keep in mind that a natural disaster may change your target market or Industry as more persons may need your products or services or fewer people may be able to afford your products or services. Be prepared to change your offerings or marketing strategy or price to suit either situation.

Social media continues to be an effective and affordable medium for keeping customers up to date. Ensure you have a Facebook page and keep it updated. Your customers will be looking for information from you concerning your business.

Communicate with your suppliers and distributors
If your business relies on others be sure to communicate with them early to find out how best you can work together moving forward. Discuss any issues concerning debt openly and early. If your suppliers and distributors are unable to fulfil your orders, be aware that you may need to develop new relationships or source alternative suppliers if necessary.

Communicate with your competitors
Find out how your competitors fared during the disaster. Opportunities may arise for you to work together. Some competitors may choose not to reopen so there may be an opportunity for you to purchase equipment, expand your customer base or even buy out your competitor.

Communicate through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Chamber of Commerce has a number of initiatives which can assist your business in getting the word out. The Chamber exists for one reason, that is, to promote the economic well-being of all businesses. If members continue to work together and support each other the economic power that could be generated would be limitless. Do take advantage of ACOCI’s services. Members can be featured in ACOCI Corner which is printed in The Anguillian weekly or be a guest on What’s Happening, ACOCI’s weekly radio programme aired on Radio Anguilla. Members also have an opportunity to host a Business after Hours (BAH) event. BAH allows businesses to showcase and promote their products and services to other ACOCI members and guests. All members are also encouraged to take advantage of BAH events for networking purposes. The Chamber of Commerce also sends our regular updates and promotions for businesses through its email database and social media channels so keep us informed about your business.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce at for more information.

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson

By anguillian October 30, 2017 10:04


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