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Mr. Rhon Connor has been appointed as Acting Director of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources.
The Acting appointment announced today by The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, Utilities, Housing, Agriculture, Fisheries and Information Technology, took effect on Wednesday October 11th, 2017 and will run until Friday February 23rd, 2018 during the absence of the substantive Head Ms. Kafi Gumbs.
Prior to the appointment, Mr. Connor served as Deputy Director Administration and Policy Development in the Department of Environment.

Permanent Secretary Karim Hodge in commenting on the appointment noted that Mr. Connor had served in many roles in the public service and wished him well in his new appointment. “Mr Connor has a solid background in environmental management work and invasive species management over the years, and I am certain that he will be able to handle himself in this new role” PS Hodge added.
He is urging all civil servants and the general public to provide Mr. Connor with the support necessary to carry out his new functions as Acting Director of Fisheries.
Persons are also asked to note that all correspondence related to Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources (DFMR) should be directed to the attention of Mr Rhon Connor at email address: during this period of time to ensure that matters can be addressed efficiently and effectively and the work of the department continues smoothly.
Additionally, all stakeholders are asked to take note that due to the damage caused by the recent passage of Hurricane Irma, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources is now operating from the same building which houses the Department of Agriculture.

Karim V D Hodge
Permanent Secretary

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By anguillian October 30, 2017 10:41 Updated


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