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On the inside pages of this edition of The Anguillian, are heartbreaking, chaotic and widespread scenes of millions of dollars-worth of damage done to buildings, the electricity services, health and education facilities, church buildings etc. by Hurricane Irma in the early hours of Wednesday, September 6, 2017. The unbelievable scenes of damage are presented by The Anguillian as far as possible for the national record.
Following the tremendous destruction, there has been a massive island-wide clean-up of rubble in the various communities by various patriotic groups and individuals from all walks of life, attracting commendation by all and sundry for their dedication and love for Anguilla.
The telltale stories of Irma having been in Anguilla include the still scenes of broken utility poles, mangled cables, now being replaced by Anglec’s workers and visiting electrical workmen from several neighbouring islands; electricity shortages which are also being addressed; roofless and other damaged buildings, now being repaired; uprooted large trees and scorched vegetation. Throughout the island there are positive signs of rebuilding and recovery as life in Anguilla is slowly, but surely, returning to normal.
Throughout the history of Anguilla its people have faced many challenges. But, through a spirit of resilience and determination, they overcame every challenge whether the post-colonial French, Dutch and Wild Irish invasions, dire drought, famine, hurricanes, wanton neglect, or political oppression leading to the 1967 Anguilla Revolution.
Like those difficult and challenging times, and the successes the brave and resilient Anguillians have scored, Anguilla and its people will also overcome the onslaught of the category 5 Hurricane Irma. There have been a number of very positive expressions on social media by various persons to that end. They include “Anguilla will bounce back”; “Anguilla Strong” and “We are out to build a new Anguilla” – the latter being a reference to the resolve of Anguillians at the start of the 1967 Anguilla Revolution.
It is such positive and encouraging expressions that will successfully lead to the rebuilding of Anguilla despite the unfortunate and catastrophic ravages of Hurricane Irma.

By anguillian October 9, 2017 11:51


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