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A series of refresher workshops for teachers at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School, as well as orientation sessions for both teachers and students, commenced on Monday, this week, August 28 and will climax on Friday, September 8.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at the Rodney MacArthur Rey Auditorium, Principal of the Comprehensive School, Mrs. Joyce Webster-Stuart, described the school as the “most complicated secondary school in the Caribbean, but most definitely the secondary school we call home for this school year.” She took the opportunity to especially welcome a number of new teachers: “A hearty welcome to all those of you who are joining this staff of committed, hardworking dedicated professionals who rarely receive the recognition they deserve.”

The Principal went on: “Two years ago, when I returned to Anguilla, I came with a goal to foster innovation and drive change within our education system, starting with the end of the spectrum – the secondary school. I wanted us as a team to expand educational opportunities and outcomes for all learners especially those who sometimes make you feel you want to pull your hair out. But central to that goal is for all of us, working together, to build and strengthen first and foremost our own human capacity so that we are confident and equipped to inspire each successive generation of young persons to be more caring, more giving, more appreciative, more respectful and more loving.”

Deputy Principal, Mrs. Rita Celestine Carty, made the point that the beginning of a school year was an exciting experience and joined in welcoming both the regular and new teachers. She said: “One of the significant features of this upcoming schoolyear is that it will mark the second year of our implementation of the UNICEF-promoted Effective Schools Framework or ESF. Exactly one year ago, and exactly in this same space, we were introduced to the general principles of ESF – and this is a good opportunity for us all to be reminded that the Effective Schools Framework rests on several pillars. These include inclusive student-centred educational practices; sustained use of positive behaviour management supports and parental and community engagement and participation. As a consequence of this formative introduction, to the framework, we were able to see some of our activities we have done all over the years in a new light; and we also implemented some new initiatives and we were able to sustain quite a few of those. We need to give ourselves a round of applause for that.”

Permanent Secretary, Education, Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake, expressed appreciation to the teachers, on behalf of the Ministry, for their hard work and advised them that there was a lot of work to do during 2017. She observed that among the matters the teachers would be looking at, was information technology. “Our world is rapidly changing and with it comes many challenges,” she stated.

“One of these challenges is to ensure that the children of Anguilla are adequately prepared to function in a world that is increasingly technology-driven. It is expected that free Wi-Fi internet access, as well as an online [system], will be available in September for all students to use. In addition, teachers will be able to utilise digital modes for subject content delivery and will begin doing some training on this during this week and throughout the year. This will allow teachers to access material and in a manner similar to that employed by CXC – and that will ensure that our students are properly prepared.”

This first refresher workshop was preceded by a devotional session mainly led by Bishop Dr. Samuel Daniel, a Guidance Counsellor at the Comprehensive School.

A Teacher Retreat was held at the Anguilla Great House, on Wednesday, to give the educators a further opportunity to examine and implement ways and means of improving their teaching skills and enhancing the delivery of their service.

By anguillian September 4, 2017 10:37 Updated


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