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The senseless shooting and wounding of a Prison Officer, Mr. Rondel Kyte, while on a morning walk, has been condemned by Governor Tim Foy, OBE, who has responsibility for Her Majesty Prison and security.

A press release issued by the Governor’s Office, on the day of the incident, stated as follows: “Earlier this morning a Prison Officer from HMP Anguilla was attacked and shot whilst walking in The Valley on Monday 28 August.

“The RAPF (Royal Anguilla Police Force) were called to the scene and an investigation has started. The victim is receiving treatment at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. The victim’s condition is stable and the Governor, Deputy Governor and PS Foster Rogers, have since visited the officer and offered their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

“The Governor condemns the attack as it was a cowardly act on a defenceless officer going about his daily routine outside his place of work. Such attacks will not be tolerated and undermine the very fabric of society in Anguilla.

“The Governor takes the opportunity to thank all staff at HMP Anguilla and the RAPF for their continued commitment in keeping Anguilla safe.”

A police report, issued ahead of the Governor’s press release, stated that officer Rondel Kyte was walking along the road between omega car wash and Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre when he was approached by two assailants and was shot and injured by one of them. His injury was described as not life -threatening. A Liaison Officer has been assigned to him.

The police report added that one of the suspected assailants was being held at The Valley Police Station assisting with the investigation. Meanwhile, members of the public who may have information regarding the incident are being requested to telephone the police station on 497 2333 and ask for anyone at the Major Crime Unit, or use the confidential tip line at

By anguillian September 4, 2017 11:32 Updated


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