Business Column: People are at the heart of your Business – Retention

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People are at the heart of your Business – Retention

Does your business have a high staff turnover? Are relationships strained among staff or between staff and management in your office? Are your employees simply waiting for an opportunity to leave?
Hiring persons who are a good fit for your business is an important first step for business success. However, retention of these persons is also important. Here are five things you can do within your business to help with staff retention.
1) Create and maintain the right culture
The culture of a workplace affects the wellbeing and happiness of an employee. Do your employees say things like “I miss the old days when” or “I remember when we used to do X as a staff?” This might reflect that there has been a culture shift in your business. Persons may have joined your staff because they liked what you represented. When their values and expectations no longer align with those of the business this may lead to staff turnover.

2) Offer Training
Persons are fundamentally interested in learning and growing even when they are well-qualified for the position they were hired in. Supporting further education or training and investing in these things for your employees are signs that the business cares. Remember that nothing is constant and new technologies, new ways of selling etc. are always coming on stream. Invest in your employees for the development and growth of the business.

3) Provide Guidance
An employee who is hired for a position but is not given guidance or a clear expectation of what is expected in terms of job duties and standards may feel frustrated or disgruntled over time and morale may dip. Ensure that you check in regularly on employees and give feedback on performance. Encourage managers to coach employees regularly.

4) Create open communication between employees and management
Try to minimise as much as possible the perception of ‘us’ vs ‘them.’ Organisational cultures where an open door policy is communicated and where ideas can be shared openly may have higher retention rates.
5) Pay well and offer good benefits
If your salaries and benefits are comparable or better than other businesses in the same field employees are more likely to stay.

6) The small things matter
Is there a snack area at your office where employees can grab a sweet or healthy snack? Are employees encouraged to or supported when they take power walks during their breaks? These types of small actions make a difference especially when they support employee’s health or help them to manage their lives better.
7) Promote from within when possible
Are there good performers within your business who would be ideal in that new or vacant role? Recognise their talent and commitment by promoting from within the business.

8) Provide a comfortable workplace environment
We spend at minimum eight hours a day at work. Employees want to feel comfortable and safe when they are in office. Ensure the office is well ventilated, pay attention to décor and how desks are placed. These things matter and contribute to overall well-being and happiness.

9) Conduct “stay’” interviews
Speak to employees who have been with the business for many years to determine why they stayed. Ask questions about what the company is doing well or what may have changed and what could make it better. Use these responses to boost your retention strategies.

10) Recognise their accomplishments
All employees want to be recognised for their contributions. Be sure to offer personalised praise and/or give awards for work well done.

Keeping good employees is simply good business.

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson

By anguillian September 4, 2017 10:20 Updated


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