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In larger than expected numbers, Blowing Point villagers came out in support of Community Day which was held on August 12, 2017.
The aim was to introduce, in some cases, and reintroduce in others, members of the community to each other with the hope of reigniting the collective commitment to improve the overall well-being of the village. It is true that people do not know where they are going unless they know from whence they came. The goal of the Blowing Point committee is to preserve the rich heritage of our past while helping to chart a course in the 21st century that is both sustainable and beneficial to our youth and respectful of our elders.

Some of the day’s highlights included prepared speeches, vending and games. Community vendors showed off their culinary and decorating skills. A wide assortment of food and drinks, including local specialities were available. Ms. Rose Connor won best decorated vendor tent.

The most coveted activities included the ‘legends’ vs the ‘youth’ cricket match and the highly anticipated 100-meter race between Trevor ‘Ras Bucket’ Davis and Neville ‘Sharp Boy’ Connor. The cheers of the crowd reached fever pitch as Sharp – Boy inched out Ras Bucket to clench the win.
The message of unification for the greater good of a community, once loved for both its historical and current relevancy to the infrastructure of Anguilla, was not lost among the festivities. One of the day’s more defining moments came as Minister Susan Best sang: “You are my brother, you are my sister, so hold me by the hand…” Members of the Committee, of the community, the Honorable Minister of Government, Mr. Curtis Richardson, and past member of government, Mr. Haydn Hughes, held hands to sing along with Minister Best.
Acknowledging the contributions the many who made the event a success, heartfelt thanks to the following persons: Susan Best, Castell Coleman, Benny Connor, Junie Connor, Brent Davis, Lawrence Davis (Dynamite), Vincent Davis, Hubert Gumbs, Johnathan Gumbs, Valerie and Osia Johnson, Gershwin Lake, Gossip (Jason Lloyd), Darwin Mussington, Emerson (Rasta) Richardson, Sherwin and Nicole Richardson, Mckoy Romney, Konroy Tomlinson, Vidal, and the late Ted Grant.

The BPCG thanks the following businesses for their kind contributions: Caribbean Restaurant, Elmoalis, FLOW, Hi-Tek Signs, Max Printing, Millennium Sounds, DJ Hammer-Klass FM, Overdrive, as well as the Department of Agriculture and Royal Anguilla Police Force.

The next scheduled event will be the second basketball tournament for the Blowing Point Youth to be held on Saturday September 2, 2017, from 3:30 pm until – at the Anguilla Tennis Court. Community members are informed that a Registration Drive is also scheduled. Interested persons are invited to register. Light refreshments will be on sale.


By anguillian September 4, 2017 10:04 Updated


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