ALHCS Mobile Phone & Personal Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy

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The Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School expresses gratitude to all parents particularly those who hold the rules of the school and seek to instill respect for the institution in their children and wider community. We encourage all those who are not yet on board to do likewise and express our thanks in advance.

The following Mobile Phone & Personal Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy is published here to provide guidelines for all parents, guardians and students. We look forward to the full cooperation of all as we strive together to develop the human resource potential of our nation.

School-Wide Policy
This policy is meant to help maintain an educational focus in classrooms and other study areas as well as respect the needs of our students to have reasonable access to their phones and other electronic devices. We acknowledge that this is the age of instant communication as well as the need to maintain a proper environment for students, faculty and the educational process. ALHCS embraces the idea of incorporating technology into the school curriculum. Students must receive instruction on permissible uses of mobile phones and other personal electronic devices on school grounds and proper mobile phone etiquette.

Mobile phones, laptops or other electronic devices are not to be used in the classrooms UNLESS authorized by the classroom teacher. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are to be turned off or placed on silent mode during class. These items, including earbuds/headphones MUST be kept in the owners’ backpacks or purses upon entering the classroom.

Mobile phones or other electronic devices may be used before/after school, during break periods, and lunch periods. Unless specifically instructed to do so by a teacher, a student is NOT allowed to use a mobile phone or other electronic device during any “instructional time” even if the student is not physically inside the classroom. Posting inappropriate material or accessing, viewing the same including inappropriate websites is strictly prohibited.

Speakers and sound amplification devices are not allowed. Students can play audio/music through earbuds/headphones ONLY, and may not use the phone as a means of ignoring staff. When talking to a member of staff anywhere, the student must put the phone away if requested; using the phone while a member of staff is talking to you is poor manners.

Staff will never give permission for students to listen to their own music in class (even through earbuds/headphones).
Mobile phones may be used to place calls outside the buildings and only before/after school, during break periods and during their lunch periods. In an emergency situation, evident to an administrator or faculty member, a student can receive permission from that school official to make a call from a mobile phone.
The use of camera and video phones is absolutely forbidden at any time in private areas, such as, locker rooms, washrooms, dressing areas, classrooms, and offices. Permission to use a mobile phone or personal electronic device for picture and video-taping MUST be granted by a teacher.
Mobile phones CANNOT be used in an exam – even as a calculator (as per exam board regulations). Unauthorized use of mobile phones or electronic devices in the classrooms, library, and tech centers is a violation of this policy. Violators of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the ALHCS Behaviour Management Policy.

Classroom Policy
*** Teachers decide when and how devices are to be used in their classrooms following these guidelines:
1. All mobile phone and electronic device, including laptop use will occur above the table or table line in plain sight of all.
2. All instruction/direction for mobile phone and electronic device, including laptop use in the classroom will be given by the classroom teacher only.
3. All mobile phones and electronic devices (including accessories) must remain in students’ bags unless specific instruction for use is given by the teacher.
4. Students must abide by the restrictions placed on the devices according to the ALHCS Acceptable Use Policy

******Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen mobile phones, laptops, or other personal electronic devices.

By anguillian September 4, 2017 11:28 Updated


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