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Eighteen-year-old Kyiv Edwards appears to have his future set showing much potential success in mastering the art of music and, at the same time, becoming a trained professional focusing on Computer Science and Business.

A graduate of the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School, and a soon-to-be University student focusing on the above two areas of study, Kyiv has gained a good deal of mastery in playing the saxophone which he learnt at Morlens School of Music here in Anguilla.

A wide cross-section of community members, many of them his peers, turned out in considerably large numbers at the St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, East End, on Saturday, August 19, for his first saxophone recital. The saxophone is, however, only one of a variety of instruments he plays with ease.

Kyiv’s Instructor at the Morlens School of Music, the ALHCS Concert Band and the ALHC Steel Orchestra, Mr. Lennox Vanterpool, said his student had “experienced the joy of music through playing a variety of instruments.” He named those instruments as “the piano, drums, steel plan and the bass guitar, his favourite.”

Vanterpool went on: “In November 2016, Kyiv won the National Award for Excellence in Academics and Extra Curriculum Activities. He has always maintained Honour Roll standing throughout his primary and high school years, while enjoying a balanced life which included participation in a variety of sports, music, youth clubs and the cultural arts.”

It was against that background that Kyiv performed the following musical tunes during his saxophone recital: Theme from an American in Paris; Adagio (from Sonatra in G Minor); It’s a Raggy Waltz; Saequential, Two Little Pearls (In a Ring); Larghetto (from Sonating Op. 100); Just a Closer Walk; Georgia On My Mind; When A Man Loves A Woman; Summertime; Misty, Cry Me a River; Autumn Leaves (with Kyiv Edwards and Kasem Thompson); and I Know Whom I am.

During the intermission, Kyiv’s young brother, Kieron, a rising musician as well, entertained the audience by playing two short pieces on the piano. At that time as well, Kyiv made a presentation to his instructor, Mr. Lennox Vanterpool. In doing so, he said: “We have amongst us a passionate musician and music educator who has made it his life’s mission to influence and touch the lives of hundreds, no, thousands, of our island’s youth through music for thirty years and counting. This humble soul [Lennox] uses his remarkable passion and talent for music, combined with for our youth to reach the depths of their spirits bringing inspiration and motivation through his admirable vehicle of music.”

Kyiv also made a presentation to Kasem Thompson who encouraged and supported him in his musical journey. He described Thompson as “a bright young man who has uplifted and inspired many youth in the area of music and beyond.”

Kyiv was the recipient of a symbolic musical torch from his grandfather, Lorenzo Cassell, who, along with his wife, Mrs. Ana Cassell, travelled from Montserrat to attend his recital. Mr. Cassell, a former Calypso King, is the brother of the Mighty Arrow whose hit song “Hot, Hot, Hot” has become a world-wide feature. Kyiv is the son of Mr. Ian “Sugar George” and Mrs. Janine Edwards of Sunset Homes.

Kyiv was accompanied by the following musicians: Lennox Vanterpool on the piano; Kasem Thompson on the Trombone, Piano and Bass Guitar; Trevis Rouse on the drums; Vere Connor on the Bass Guitar; and Kamal Vanterpool on the piano.

By anguillian August 28, 2017 10:57 Updated


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