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The construction industry and employment in Anguilla will get a well-needed boost in the coming months with the building of a new luxury resort at Meads Bay, one of the world’s finest beaches.
Called Tranquility Beach Anguilla, “this intimate, luxury boutique property consists of 18-one and two bedroom contemporary condos, adding to the island’s unique and memorable vacation experience possibilities,” a press release stated.

A formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Friday, August 18, in the Executive Council’s Chambers. The signatories were Chief Minister and Minister of Finance, Tourism and Economic Development, Mr. Victor Banks, on behalf of the Government of Anguilla; and the joint partners, Mr. Ian Edwards of Sunset Homes and Mr. Neil Freeman of Aries Capital. The signing was witnessed by Minister of Social Development, Mr. Niel Rogers.

The press release continued: “Tranquility Beach Anguilla was designed and will be developed by Ian “Sugar George” Edwards of Sunset Homes. Tranquility Beach Anguilla is situated on beautiful Meads Bay in the fine company of Anguilla’s premier resorts, world class spas, and some of the Caribbean’s most exquisite dining experiences.
“Signature Suits incorporates guest facilities including plunge pools and a health and fitness area. A guest reception building supported by administration offices, will complete the serviced operation.
“Phase 1 injects an investment of approximately US$10 million and will employ 60-100 employees during the various phases of the construction, a period which is expected to last 18-24 months. Once the property is operational it is expected that up to 36 staff members will be gainfully employed along with freelance chefs and ancillary services.
“Further property development phases will be announced in due course.
“This milestone of the unveiling of this signed MOU will be followed in the next couple of months by the groundbreaking of the project’s construction.”

The release stated that Mr. Edwards and Mr. Freeman form a cohesive partnership combining their expertise and wealth of networks and resources to provide sound direction for the property development.
Edwards is Managing Director of the globally-awarded Sunset Homes, and has a proven 25-plus years track record of success in designing and developing first class properties in the Caribbean.
Mr. Freeman is Chairman and CEO of Aries Capital, a full-service real estate lender and mortgage banking firm. Throughout his 30-year career he has funded more than 5.5 billion in commercial, hotels and resorts and multifamily properties.
Speaking at the formal signing, Chief Minister Banks said his Government had initially signed the MOU in December 2015 but intentionally did not have a public signing. “Mr Edwards and Mr. Freeman decided they did not want a ceremony unless they were fully satisfied that they were ready to deliver, and I think we have now reached the implementation stage,” he said. “Just a few days ago we did the due diligence in Executive Council and approved the financing for this project. They are ready to go in a short pace of time.”
Mr. Edwards said he was now mobilising men and equipment to begin the construction work very soon. “I also want to publicly thank my partner, Neil Freemen, for coming on board because I could not have done this alone, to acquire all the property, and to get this development done in these tough economic times,” he told media representatives. “We are doing our best and feel that we are partners on Anguilla, both with the Government and the people, and we want to do whatever it takes to move Anguilla in the right direction.”

Mr. Freeman found that “the Government is very friendly to business in order to create opportunities for Anguillians in terms of jobs and economic activity”. He went on: “Both my company and Sunset Homes like to build projects that are of a high quality – and in high quality locations that Anguilla will be proud of. We intend to start, finish it and have a beautiful project that people from all over the world will be thrilled to come and spend their money in Anguilla. Hopefully, this will be the first of several high-profile projects in Anguilla.”

By anguillian August 28, 2017 11:25


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