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An Anguilla delegation met with Lord Sebastian Coe, President of the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF), at the just concluded IAAF World Championships in London. Lord Coe and Senior Manager Jee Isram sat with Mrs. Lorna Rogers, President of the Anguilla Amateur Athletic Association (AAAA); Mr. Rollins Richardson , Acting Director of Sports; and Mrs. Wilma Proctor, former Director of Sports; to discuss funding for the construction of Anguilla’s first Mondo Track.
In a related issue, the Athletics Federation of Qatar has pledged financial assistance for the construction of 10 tracks in nations of the IAAF family. Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Richardson spoke briefly with IAAF Vice President, Dahlan Jumaan al-Hamad, regarding Anguilla’s dire need for a track, as he is also the President of the Qatar Athletics Federation.
The IAAF will be responsible for the awarding of the tracks and the administration and distribution of the funds. At the meeting, President Coe indicated that consideration would be given to placing Anguilla on a priority list for receiving assistance for the construction of a track. He also tasked Mr. Isram with identifying additional funding sources, such as the International Olympic Committee, to assist the Anguilla Association with the funding of a track.

Coming out of the meeting, the Anguilla delegation was encouraged by the commitment expressed by President Coe to pursue funding opportunities to construct our much needed track.

These discussions with President Coe are the latest in a series of ongoing discussions with him, spanning some years, regarding our Association’s many challenges in not having a home for Track and Field in Anguilla. As indicated, we can only remain hopeful that these talks will bear fruit and that our athletes will, in the foreseeable future, enjoy a facility that is now commonplace in the vast majority of our sister Associations.

Release from the Anguilla Amateur Athletic Association

22nd August, 2017

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