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Anguilla’s British-appointed Governor, Christina Scott, is due to leave the island on August 17 following the end of her tour of service; and with just days before her departure, the Royal Anguilla Police Force has already given her a grand send-off.

That event was on Saturday evening, July 29, when the police force, for which she has had responsibility during the past four years, held what was termed a dinner/party in her honour at Police Headquarters. Officers, led by Commissioner Paul Morrison, lined the stairs as the Governor arrived and was greeted on the top floor by a drum rattle.

The event began with prayers delivered by the Right Reverend Errol Brooks and continued with a programme of short addresses chaired by Deputy Commissioner, Elliott Forbes. “Your Excellency, on the 17th of August, 2017, you will relinquish your office as Governor of Anguilla and Head of External and Internal Security – and equally that of the Royal Anguilla Police Force,” Forbes told Ms. Christina Scott.

“During your tenure as Governor,” he continued, “you have been very supportive of the Royal Anguilla Police Force and the vision of the organisation, making Anguilla a safer place. You have assisted the force in building its technical capacity – and the organisation benefitted from various training funds. Without your assistance and commitment this would not have been possible. Your journey with the Royal Anguilla Police Force has not only been significant, but one that will long be remembered and appreciated.”

Commissioner Morrison remarked that Governor Scott had seen some of the most difficult times faced by Anguilla in terms of changes in the islands’ economic climate. “She had to remain strong and give good guidance and counsel where necessary,” he went on. “She is an outstanding leader. We have been very lucky to have a Governor who understood the complexities of policing and the direction we need to go in. We were very fortunate to have her as our boss. We are celebrating four years of loyal support from the Governor and her absolute commitment to make Anguilla safe – the safest Caribbean island.”

Deputy Governor, Perin Bradley, said in part: “The thing that strikes me most, as she leaves, is her love for Anguilla more than anything else. You can speak about her leadership and other matters but, for me, the most important thing is how much she loved Anguilla and all things Anguillian. She has been very passionate and vigorous in making a case for Anguilla on several issues even in conflict with some of her own colleagues at the FCO. I think the support she gave to the Royal Anguilla Police Force, over the last four years, is a testament to that passion. The training, resources and equipment she has provided to the police are all a direct response of her passion as far as the safety of Anguilla is concerned.”

Mr. Bradley noted that there would be other opportunities for him to pay tribute to the Governor, noting that the occasion this time was mainly a police event.
Short addresses were also delivered by persons on the floor. Among other matters, Attorney General, John McKendrick, QC, commended the Governor for assisting the less fortunate on the island. “She has looked after those who cannot protect themselves whether they were children, vulnerable adults, the disabled or people with mental health problems,” he stated. “Her leadership role as Governor and her supervisory role of the police have included protecting people and that’s one of the most important things the Governor can do. It is also one of the most important things that the police force can do. Governor, we will miss you enormously. Thanks for your leadership; for encouraging women, and thank you for protecting the vulnerable.”

Several members of the police force, as well as Kim Cutler of the Governor’s Office, and Chief Immigration Officer, Laureen Bryan, also spoke briefly.
Replying, Governor Scott said she was touched by the event and was grateful to all who organised and shared in it. “The journey with the Royal Anguilla Police Force, over the last few years, has been extraordinary and it was a real privilege for me to have been part of that journey,” she said. “There have been interesting issues along the way. My phone rings sometimes in the middle of the night…and I know there are people out there putting themselves at risk, working hours that no other segment of the public service works. It is a testament to the work of the Royal Anguilla Police Force.”
The Governor added that the police force in Anguilla was one of the best forces in the Caribbean and, despite some issues, Anguilla was a safe island.
Governor Scott was the recipient of a number of keepsakes presented to her by police officers on behalf of the force. The gifts included a police shirt, a photograph of a police guard of honour she had inspected, and an emblem of an Anguillian racing boat signifying her support for, and participation in, the national sport.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Inspector Sylvia Hodge, the main coordinator of the farewell dinner/party.

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