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Your Excellency, Lord Bishop, Chief Minister, Ministers, Clergy, Your Ladyship Judge Pearletta Lanns, Government Officials, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlement

I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to welcome you, Governor, to Anguilla, our beloved country. We may be small, but in 1967, 50 years ago, we roared like a lion, and we have every intention, with your capable assistance, to punch above our weight in the years to come.

As a devoted and lifelong patriot of Anguilla, I would like to take this opportunity to consider what that should mean to all of us, but what is too often forgotten. It would be living in a fool’s paradise to imagine – or even to aspire to the possibility – that we could all (all Anguillians) agree on the direction our country and the government should take. But what we should be able to agree on is that the objective of government should be to serve all of our people selflessly, honestly and with utmost integrity.

As an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, you, our Governor, are Her Majesty the Queen’s representative. And under our Constitution you have important powers of oversight of our Government. Indeed our people value the British Government’s commitment to oversight as a vital protection against the abuse of power. We shall depend on you, Governor, to exercise that oversight vigilantly and without fear or favour.

My views on the importance of transparency and accountability in government are too well known to merit repetition here. I shall therefore say only this – that we expect you to encourage both.

As far as your wider responsibilities are concerned, you follow a Governor, Her Excellency Christina Scott, who was compassionate and caring – an important and valued quality in your wider role here in Anguilla. She was well liked by Anguillians and we wish her well in her new job. She made it her legacy, Governor, to open the doors of Government House to all Anguillians, young and old, and certainly she will be remembered for her efforts in that regard.

Your previous experience speaks volumes for your credentials in the field of economic and social governance and there is much that remains to be done here. I have every confidence that your experience, your wise counsel will be of great value here and that your relationship both with the government and with the people of Anguilla will open ever new dimensions.

Today is an auspicious day indeed – the great American solar eclipse is occurring now and is associated with a major shift in the World Order and status quo. Brexit and the sustainability of small islands are major focal points for the shift. Your personal courage and your efforts will be important in Anguilla’s changing environment.

Above all, Your Excellency, I warmly welcome you on behalf of all the people of Anguilla. And I express the fervent hope that your term as Governor of Anguilla will be richly rewarding for you personally, professionally and for your family as well. I am confident that it will be distinguished by vast improvements in the Anguillian people’s economic and social wellbeing.

Thank you Mr Speaker and may God bless your Excellency and may God bless Anguilla and our people always.

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian August 28, 2017 11:11 Updated


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