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The way is now clear for the start of a major tourism project in the Forest Bay area, on the south coast of Anguilla, before the end of the year. The resort, to be known as “Legacy”, will be constructed on 380 acres of prime land, owned by the Lake’s family, and the estimated cost of the project is 400 million US dollars.

A Memorandum of Understanding for the project was signed on Friday, July 28, between the Government of Anguilla, represented by Chief Minister, Victor Banks, and Chairman of ICA Group Capital Investments, Salem Bin Dasmal.

Originally called Conch Bay Development, the project includes a hotel, villas and condominiums, a marina, a cruise ship terminal, a nine-hole golf course, a town centre and shopping area, artist outlets and other associated facilities. The project also includes an area of adjacent land for airport expansion.
ICA Founder and Vice Chairman, Ali Nawaz, named the other members of the visiting developers as including John Kane and Claudio Silvestri. The members of the group are mainly from Dubai, the United States (where the offices are located), United Kingdom and Turkey.

“They are a tremendous team and I work for them,” Nawaz told media representatives. “I was honoured to be invited to Anguilla and the first time I came I fell in love with the beauty of the island and the smiling people. I was introduced to Dr. Lake of the Lake’s family. I fell in love with this gentleman and ever since we became partners. So the Lake family are our partners. It is a beautiful property and I have had one year of discussion with them.”

News of the agreed project is of much interest to the people of Anguilla who are anxious to hear about a development of this magnitude. They are hoping that it would not only boost the economy, but provide jobs and foreign exchange for many persons on the island.

The Forest Bay area is, for the most part, virgin territory with great ocean views as well as the mountain ranges of the neighbouring French and Dutch islands.

By anguillian August 7, 2017 12:03 Updated


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