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Just-arrived Governor of Anguilla, Mr. Tim Foy, OBE, has issued a rallying call to the people of Anguilla saying: “Let’s get to work.” He made the statement at the conclusion of his wide-ranging address at his swearing in on Monday, August 21, in the Anguilla House of Assembly Chambers.

His call was an embodiment of his address in which he outlined several principles he plans to follow regarding how he, the elected representatives, and Anguillians in general, can work together in a shared responsibility towards the forward movement of Anguilla. His call was also with respect to how the people of Anguilla would like to see their future unroll in terms of governance and social and economic development, among other matters, including crime prevention.

The Reading of the Commission of Appointment and Administration of Oaths to Governor Foy was done by Acting High Court Judge in Anguilla, Madam Justice Pearlita Lanns, visiting from the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis. The Prayer was delivered by Bishop Dr. Samuel Daniels of the Church of God of Prophecy in Anguilla.

Governor Foy was welcomed to the House of Assembly by Deputy Speaker, Mr. Terry Harrigan, on behalf of the Speaker, Mr. Leroy Rogers, who is absent on sick leave; and all members of the Government and Opposition sides of Parliament.

“Your Excellency, allow me first and foremost to say how humble I am to welcome you to the shores of our beautiful island,” Mr. Harrigan said. “It is my greatest expectation that together we can demonstrate a personal commitment to the principles of democracy, civil advancement and justice. Your Excellency, our democratic values may be tested at times. However, they must be safeguarded and renewed to promote immense value as the pathway to national development is deliberated and implemented.”

The Deputy Speaker continued: “I believe we can start with the simple premise that there is much work to be done in Anguilla and that we need much assistance in order to accomplish these objectives. As we welcome you, I remind you of the words of President Barack Obama: ‘Parliament must be the embodiment of democracy for it is where the voice of the voiceless is heard. It must be where the will of the people is expressed; where laws and policies affecting the conditions of society are promulgated; where Government is held accountable; and where the rule of law and respect for human rights are held in high esteem.’”

Mr. Harrigan added: “I sincerely believe there remains tremendous and anticipation in the coming years if we can only put our hands and hearts together. Your Excellency, there is undoubtedly much work ahead but together our hopes and dreams can be realised. All of us must play a pivotal role in this monumental task if there is going to be any margin of success.

“It is in our collective interest to deal with the significant national challenges that we face today. I am confident that we have the propensity and imagination to find the right solutions. Finally, it is my desire that you and your family can freely and peacefully experience the beauty and warmth of our country.”

The Hon. Leader of the Opposition, Ms. Palmavon Webster, and the Hon. Chief Minister and Leader of Government Business, Mr. Victor Banks, delivered addresses, in that order, to the Governor in which they welcomed him to Anguilla and spoke about his role on the island.
(The addresses by the Leader of the Opposition, the Chief Minister and the Governor are published without editing on pages 3 and 6 of this edition of The Anguillian for the national record.)

Following the parliamentary proceedings, Governor Foy inspected a Police Guard of Honour, and the Police/Community Band, outside the House of Assembly and the Court House. He was accompanied by Chief Minister Banks, Commissioner of Police (Mr. Paul Morrison) and the Commanding Officer, Sergeant Brian Best.

By anguillian August 28, 2017 11:32


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