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The June 2017 session of criminal assizes before the Honourable Justice Darshan Ramdahani (Ag.) heard all of the ten matters listed, with three resulting in trials and seven in guilty pleas.

The three trials were Regina v. Walcott Richardson, Regina v. Stephon Ruan and Regina v. Samuel Oliver Whyte.

Regina v. Walcott Richardson: Mr. Walcott Richardson was indicted for indecent assault on a woman. On June 7th 2017, the jury found Mr. Richardson not guilty of the offence. Mr. Richardson was represented by Dr. Henry Browne Q.C. and Mrs. Josephine Gumbs-Connor.

Regina v. Stephon Ruan: Mr. Stephon Ruan was indicted on murder. On 16th June 2017, the jury found Mr. Ruan not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter. Mr. Ruan was represented by Mr. Chesley Hamilton and Mrs. Josephine Gumbs-Connor.

Regina v. Samuel Oliver Whyte: Mr. Samuel Oliver Whyte was indicted on one count of arson and one count of threats to destroy property. After a week trial, the jury found the Mr. Whyte guilty on both counts, namely arson and threats to destroy property. Justice Darshan Ramdahni sentenced Mr. Whyte to 6 ½ years imprisonment for arson and 18 months for threats to damage property with sentences to run concurrently and time spent on remand to count.

Regina v. Darius Richardson: Mr. Darius Richardson entered guilty pleas to possession of firearm and possession of ammunition. Justice Ramdahni ordered that Mr. Richardson was to pay a fine of EC$25,000.00 within 6 months, failure will result in 6 months imprisonment. Mr. Richardson was further sentenced to 90 days imprisonment for the firearm offence and 60 days for the ammunition offence with sentence to run concurrently. The judge ordered the firearm and ammunition to be destroyed by the Royal Anguilla Police Force.

Regina v. Germaine Webster: Mr. Germaine Webster entered a guilty plea to indecent assault on a minor. Justice Ramdahni sentenced Mr. Webster to 4 years imprisonment with time spent on remand to be taken into consideration.

Regina v. Hyguenec Meredas Izidore: Mr. Hyguenec Meredas Izidore entered a guilty plea to forgery. He was sentenced to a fine of EC$15,000.00 to be paid in 6 months; failure to pay the sum will result in 6 month imprisonment. Mr. Izidore is placed on a bond to keep the peace for a period of one year.

Regina v. Edwin Hodge: Mr. Edwin Hodge entered a guilty plea to one count of incest and one count of threats to murder. He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for the count of incest and two years imprisonment for the threats to murder. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Regina v. Shane Connor: Mr. Shane Connor entered a guilty plea to six counts of burglary on three indictments. Mr. Connor burglarized Courun Supermarket, Subway, TJ’s Restaurant, Apex Auto Supplies, Fairplay Jewlery and Perfumes and Sweet Blossom Kitchen. Mr. Connor was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment with sentence to run concurrently to each indictment.

The Attorney General said: “I am grateful to all involved in the criminal justice system for the efficient and fair manner in which the recent assizes took place. The number of convictions represents the effective cooperation that exists between the Royal Anguilla Police Force and AG Chambers.”

– Press Release
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

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