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Anguillians, and other citizens in the member territories of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, can now acquire a wider scope of information about the functioning of the financial institution with the launch of its new and improved website.

The bank’s substantially upgraded domain site was launched on Wednesday this week, August 2. It came after 18 months of preparation by an implementation team from the bank and rebuilding work by Imagine web designers in St. Lucia, one of the member territories of the Central Bank.

Governor of the Central Bank, Grenadian Mr. Timothy Antoine, at whose initiative the new website was created, spoke by video link to media representatives in Anguilla and the rest of the sub-region.

“The launch of our new website marks a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional service to the people of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union,” he stated. “Strategically, our new website is a tangible expression of our commitment to enhance our organisational effectiveness. Furthermore, it is a celebration of our star mantra which stands for Service Excellence, Team Work, Truth-Telling, Accountability and Results.

“Ladies and gentlemen, in days of old, it was conventional wisdom for central banks to do much, but say little. Today, central banks world-wide are required to be more transparent and accountable to their various publics. Those old days are gone. On assumption of office last February, I made the following declaration to our management team: I said: There are some things in our bank that need a facelift; others an overhaul; and still others a funeral. Our current website needs a funeral. That, ladies and gentlemen, was our point of departure.”

Governor Antoine spoke highly about the brand new website. He said in part: “We anticipate it will be a most powerful vehicle for connecting the ECCB with citizens, members of the media, students, researchers, academics, policy-makers, social partners and development partners, among others.”

The bank’s website was highly commended by the media representatives who participated in an interactive and informative question and answer session following the delivery of the Governor’s address.

By anguillian August 7, 2017 11:40 Updated


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