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CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa has awarded the largest number of employees at any one time for outstanding service. The awards, presented on Tuesday, August 15, were in two categories: firstly, for the third quarter of May, June and July 2017; and secondly, for the entire season. The event had as its theme: “50 Shades of Blue”.

The presentation ceremony and staff party, at Café Mediterraneo, marking the end of the season, was preceded by a brief address from Vice President and General Manager, Mr. Stephane Zaharia. He reflected on the opening of the Reef by CuisinArt in November 2016, at the start of the season, and the additional employees who had taken up employment at the property.
“This season was a great season from the Reef standpoint of a new hotel which is normally a very challenging task, and all of you have done a great job in making that happen,” he continued. “I would like to thank all of you. We opened on time and all of you deserve a big round of applause.”
The presentation of awards, supervised by Director of Human Resources, Ms. Carleen Gumbs, involved both winners and nominees. The winners for May were: Shavine Henderson, Room Service at the Resort; and Shanhira Gumbs, F&B, Yacht Club at the Reef; Amos Richardson, Landscaping at the Golf Course; and Hulda Romney, Culinary at the Reef.
The winners for June, were: Kishma Connor, F&B Lobby Bar at the Resort; Meredith Richardson, F&B, Italia Restaurant at the Golf Course; Kevin Carey, Lobby Attendant at the Reef; Conroy Richardson (Max), Culinary at the Resort; Patrick Hennis ,Turf Maintenance at the Golf Course; and Shaun Richardson, Stewarding, at the Reef. The winners for July were: Devon Vanterpool, Front Office; Lornette Carty, Housekeeping at the Reef; Ecakron Cockburn, Stewarding, at the Resort; and Alvin Hodge, Turf Maintenance, at the Golf Course. All winners received a framed certificate; a gift from the Boutique; and dinner for two at any five of the property’s restaurants.
The Team Leader of the quarter was Lawrence Hodge of Turf Maintenance; Front of the House Supervisor: Jermete Bethel Jones of Venus Spa; Heart of the House Supervisor: Leonicia Rey Richardson, Culinary-pastry. The team leaders received a plaque and lunches for two at the property’s restaurants.

The Manager of the Quarter was Rohan Maynard of the Hydroponic Farm. He received a plaque, one night stay for two and lunch for two at Oyster Beach Resort in St. Martin.
The Employee of the Season was Jhoan Martinez Heredia. He received a glass plaque; a complimentary 3-night stay for two at La Samana Resort in St. Martin and US$200.00.

Team Leader of the Season was Bill Hughes. He received a glass plaque; a complimentary 3-night stay for two at Four Seasons in Nevis; a round-trip ticket and US$200.00.
Ambassador of the Season was Ryan Williams. He received a glass plaque; a complimentary 3-night stay for two at La Guanahani in St. Barths; a round-trip ticket and US$225.00.
Supervisor of the Season was Lester Gumbs. He received a glass plaque; a complimentary 3-night stay for two at Carlisle Bay in Antigua; a round-trip ticket and US$250.00.
Manager of the Season was Rohan Maynard. He received a glass plaque; a complimentary 3-night stay for two at a 5 Star Resort in Puerto Rico; a round-trip ticket and US$300.00.

Six other employees, with no late or sick reports, received US$100.00 each. They were: Andrea Brooks, Marilyn Williams, Winston Carter, Marino Hodge, Simon Ashton and Angel Gomez Doroteo. In addition, many employees won various raffled prizes.

During the late evening party, musical entertainment was provided by Boss. Earlier, there were also intermittent segments of humour by local comedian “Ole Man Nunsey”, adding much fun to the celebration of the end of the year season.
CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, like its sister Resort, The Reef, has now closed for the usual slow season.


By anguillian August 21, 2017 11:46


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